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Thread: Old friends

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    Old friends

    I've been having repetitive dreams about one of my old high school friends. I don't understand why, and it pisses me off. I was really tight with her the last two years of high school but she dropped me as a friend about a year ago.
    I dream about her EVERY NIGHT and I don't know how to stop.
    Any suggestions?

    -The dreams are typically of me hanging out with her, my friends hanging out with her and me asking them why, me walking up to her and asking why she won't be friends with me and then me breaking a glass plate in her face... etc. It's weird and annoying.
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    I have recurring dreams about old friends and an ex, and it's annoying as hell! One thing you could do is take something to help you sleep, like Ambien - allegedly it knocks you out so cold that waking up can be confusing. (If I'm desperate enough I'm going to start taking it, but so far haven't yet.) If you can't or don't want to get your hands on a prescription med, things like Benadryl might help.
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    I've had the saaame thing, and ive realized its those unresolved friendships where they dropped me as a friend or something that I haven't quite gotten over. You may think you're over it and you don't think about it in your waking life, but when you're asleep it becomes apparent that there are unresolved feelings. Hurt, rejection, anger (breaking glass in her face), etc. You have to deal with those feelings somehow. I ended up talking to my old friends again and getting closure on why they stopped talking to me. But if it's not possible to have that sort of communication, you need to spend time reflecting on what happened between you, how you felt, what the reason for the friendship ending would be and how much of it was her, or you. Chances are you guys weren't compatible as friends anymore, and it was her choice to end it, you were still attached, and she didnt have the maturity to handle it sympathetically. So, that's what I think. And on a side note, from experience, try not to think there was something wrong with you, if you feel that way sometimes. The rejection I experienced from my old friends really affected my self esteem, so you might need to reassure yourself.

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