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    Dnomla Allinav Guest

    Do you think you'll ever be financially stable?

    What the subject says. Or are you already financially stable? Do you think you'll ever even be wealthy?

    I guess the definition of financially stable (for me at least, and for the purpose of this thread) is to be able to pay all your bills and essentials, have a bit to put in savings, and have some left over to spend on yourself.

    I grew up in a low income family, even though my parents never told us, they were crazy in debt, could barely pay bills, always relied on churches and food banks, etc. Christmas (which I guess is what has me thinking about this) was always limited in terms of gifts. Our vehicles were pieces of junk that always got replaced cause they sucked so much. I'm so use to living like that, that I dont feel like I'll ever be financially stable, even though I'm going to school to work in a career that will eventually get me 30$ an hour.

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    Albi Guest
    I'm with you on that, - the vehicles. We always had a decent truck or car. My mom cleaned houses while my dad was unemployed and sold drugs. There were times when we had plenty of money. But my parents were stupid and spent it on things we didn't need instead of saving it. Then when something went wrong, a connection fell through or my dad went to prison, we'd end up being right where we started.

    I'm financially stable at the moment. My job pays well. Plus I have a 2nd p/t job a couple nights a week. I got a newer car last week that I was able to outright buy, so no monthly payments. I'm able to pay rent/bills on time

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    My parents make decent money, but my dad is horrible at managing it and spent a lot on affairs and stuff as I was growing up so things were always "tight" (he spent my college fund lawl). I'm financially stable right now. I don't think I could raise a kid on my income or anything but just by myself I'm able to save a decent amount at the end of every month and I have enough to last me 6 months or so should something happen with my job. I went through a really rough period the year after college which ended up being ok in the long run because it scared me into being more careful with my money. I doubt I will ever be rich but I'll probably be comfortable for the remainder of my life barring any crazy accidents or anything.
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    Once my student loans are paid off I will be financially stable. By myself, I don't think I'll ever be considered wealthy. I'm a teacher, so right now I'm making a good amount for being right out of school. But I have alot of debt, so alot of that stuff that I would be "saving" is going to loans. If I get married, I'm sure that I'll be able to live comfortably with our combined incomes if we're smart about our spending.
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    Ride or Die Guest
    Yes I will be financially stable eventually as I believe my current major will lead me to a good job. I've seen how my mom struggles to make ends meet every two weeks and I vow that won't be me.. I want to be one of those families that goes on vacations and can get their kids good things. I won't marry a bum either lol. I hope to be wealthy even one day.

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    i am financially stable. i live with my parents right now so don't have to pay rent, but i put about twice what i'll pay for rent into savings every month and have quite a bit left over.

    yes, i think i will be relatively wealthy. not rich because i don't care to be, but i have no debt, am pretty good at saving/managing money and make a decent salary (which will increase with experience).
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    Yeah I definitely think I will be financially stable, and more so than my parents. My dad makes around 90K yet my family is basically broke. They can't help me out financially with anything. My boyfriend's parents live in a small old house and drive really crappy cars, but they pay for all 3 of their kid's college tuition and for example, gave each of the 3 kids over a thousand dollars on Christmas even though his mom is a school teacher and his dad doesn't have a very well paying job.
    My boyfriend and I are majoring in careers that will have comfortable salaries and definitely job openings which is nice. I have a relative who works in the field I want to get in and he leads a very nice lifestyle.
    I don't think we will be 'wealthy', but if we make different decisions than my parents, I can see my boyfriend and I living a quite nice lifestyle considering we will have a combined income of almost double my dad's.
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    I actually just hit financial stability. I have no debt, and I have things budgeted so I can pay my phone bill as well as stash a bit into savings.

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    Getting started, not even close. I know I'm going to struggle for awhile. But after a few years I think I'll be just fine, assuming I move out of this state, ha.

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    I already am financially stable. I work a lot (like wayyy too much), but I also owe my financial stability to my parents, as they always taught me to save, had saved a huge college fund for me (so I don't have to pay for that), I live at home rent-free. My parents have never been in debt, never had a mortgage, and manage their money so that they don't ever have to. They've raised me that way as well. They also both retired at 50. They never spent like crazy, but we also never lacked anything/I would say I was/am a pretty spoiled only child, haha. I always seek their financial guidance/advice and trust it above any banker or financial advisor.

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    J.Roo Guest
    I'm definitely financially stable right now, especially for my current situation. I have a full-time job, as does my boyfriend. Our combined gross income is like $86k right now and we've both been out of college/grad school for about a year and a half. On average half of my income goes to expenses every month and the other half chills out in my bank account and I'm comfortable with that. I don't spend frivolously and I never, ever would spend money that I didn't have if it wasn't absolutely necessary. I lived at home for a year after graduating so I was able to bank several thousand dollars before moving out.

    My dad is great with money management and such (my mom just nods and goes along with it lol) so I've picked up on that. Definitely an important skill/trait to have.

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    Probably never will be. I have far too much in student loans. Not unless I marry rich, or someone in my family wins the lotto. Its a hard pill to swallow...but I had to get through college and that was the only way to do it. :\

    We've always struggled with money all my life, but my mom has always made it work. Yeah, we pay bills late and live paycheck to paycheck...but bills don't get reported to anyone's credit, so I don't consider that a huge issue.
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    Hallie Guest
    I think I will be. When I was growing up my parents were and still are financially stable, and I think I will also be when I land a real job. I'm going into marketing which can make decent money. I also manage money pretty well.

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    Albi Guest
    Well, of course the people who are not paying rent at their parents are financially stable. I'd be shocked if they weren't

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    I fear that I wont be financially stable because im going into a creative industry. But I was born in America a month after my parents immigrated here so we had low income and we had to live off of food stamps. My family is pretty amazing though because they kept stepping it up and now I wanna say we have slightly above average wealth. We definitely aren't rich though. I definitely have thier hardworking and determined personality so hopefully I can pull it off too.
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