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Thread: University Life

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    University Life

    Hello everyone . I've made quite a few of these threads before to track my progress but lately I've gotten off track due to starting school away from home.

    So this is going to be where I track what I eat and the exercise I get!
    CW: unknown! around 120ish I'm assuming
    LW: 112
    GW: not too sure ... I really just want to tone up and try not to eat as badly

    October 31st/2011
    B: none, slept through it
    L: whole wheat crackers & cheese string, & coffee
    D: subway - 6'' whole wheat, spicy italian (I took 3 slices of meat off - because I know it's a fattening sub), no cheese, lots of veggies and sweet onion sauce. vitamin water
    S: some sunflower seeds, some more coffee
    calories: 1,000 or so ... I'm not positive

    - 1 1/2 hrs walking
    burned: probably around 150

    Yesterday was not necessarily good lol, but it's most likely because I slept in.

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    November 1st/2011
    B: yogurt w/fruit, coffee
    S: sunflower seeds
    L: chicken chow mien on rice (low fat, low cal according to the cafe), small carton of chocolate milk
    D: mozzarella cheese string, crackers, vitamin water
    S: a few halloween chocolates
    calories: around 1,400

    - 45 minutes walking
    burned: 100

    Um not a good day at all really? Really weird eating today, probably because I spent my day studying in the library like a hermit.

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    November 2nd/2011
    B: yogurt w/blueberries, coffee
    S: sunflower seeds
    L: some bean and sweet potato thing, crackers+cheese, small carton of chocolate milk
    S: more coffee
    D: 1/2 of a salami sandwich, 1 lowfat pudding cup, vitamin water
    S: a plate of veggies
    calories: 1,200 or so

    -1 hr walking
    burned: 125 calories

    Arghhhh I'm starving again, but I have no temptation to go eat which is good I guess. I need to eat more fruits and vegetables ... holy ****. That plate tonight for my snack was the first in a LOOOOOONG time.


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