I'm going to start doing this again. I lost 85 pounds a while ago but gained around 40 back. I'm terribly unhealthy, out of shape, and do no exercise at all anymore. I want to start up again. I'll be easing back into it very gradually . Im going to go to the gym as soon as I can, but I have to wait about two weeks to heal because I just had an abortion a few days ago =( For now im going to start eating healthier. I want to get down to maybe 140. With my bone structure, I looked way too thin for 130, and I had to practically starve myself to get there, which I obviously dont want to do. I want to look and feel good and be healthy and toned. I'm around 170 right now, ill post my actual weight when I weigh myself. Ill post here every week or so, im a lot busier now so ill be here when i have time / nothing to do.