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    How early do your PMS symptoms start?

    How many days/weeks before your period do you girls usually get PMS? Sometimes I don't get any signs at all, and other times I'll start getting PMS up to 2 weeks before my period. Drives me crazy.

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    I'll know a few weeks ahead of time actually.
    Most of my symptoms are before actual PMS anyway.

    I get super super emotional and I cry about everything, my boobs hurt like a mofo, and I get a few cramps.

    When I catch myself crying over a disney movie I'm like "Damn it. PMS soon." lol.
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    A day or two before my period I usually get bad migraines and start feeling extremely drowsy. However I don't get my cramps until a few hours right before it starts.
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    I don't even know, it just comes randomly. I was PMSing pretty badly on Wed/Thur this week (crying at everything, cramps, the works) and I'm not supposed to be getting my period for another two and half weeks.

    Most times I'll get it the week before or the first few days. But it's fairly random most months.

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    I don't know if i am pmsing or if I am just really moody. But if it's pms, its for like 2 or 3 weeks out of a month.

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    Ray Guest
    Exactly a week before it starts, it's always the acne I break out horribly and I turn into an emotional wreck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unwritten View Post
    How many days/weeks before your period do you girls usually get PMS? Sometimes I don't get any signs at all, and other times I'll start getting PMS up to 2 weeks before my period. Drives me crazy.
    I'm the same way, Hate it.
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    Revelations Guest
    Hmm, lately like three days before the actual period. I'll cramp up so bad, and generally be a monster to anyone in my path. Usually I can keep my emotions in check, but the past few months have been a disaster. o.O

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    I'll get short term cramps like a week or two before.

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    BreakDownxx Guest
    Usually a couple of days before I get my period.

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    I get really moody a few days before. I tell my boyfriend that I'm sorry about it and he says, "So just stop being a bitch". And I can't explain to him how it's almost impossible. D=

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    It's never the same for me: sometimes I get mild cramps a week or so before, other times my boobs and back get really sore.
    I always get this huge appetite a couple of days before.

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    HappyGoLucky Guest
    the only symptoms i get now that i'm on birth control are being overly emotional and slight cramps and they usually don't start until the day of

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    Phobophobia Guest
    I usually begin getting symptoms on the first day. It's the worst during the beginning, and then gradually gets better as the week goes on.

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    PMS doesn't exist. It's something boys invented to make us seem crazy.

    Hahaha. But really? The week before my period. Sometimes it waits until just days before. Sometimes I don't get any symptoms. It's days before now, and I've been feeling really sentimental and emotional. I kept gushing to my boyfriend about how much I liked him last night and I even cried a little! He says he likes the PMS me. :/ I'm usually very sarcastic so it must be a nice change for him. Otherwise, my boobs are sore. I usually get cramps the day before/the day of.
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