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Thread: New forum!

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    New forum!

    Hey all... I'll kick start this thing:
    I am grateful for my mom, who is amazing.
    “Don't be afraid to go out on a limb. It's where all the fruit is.” - Shirley Maclaine

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    My mom is a bitch, but my dad is pretty cool.

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    im thankful for pot

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    Quote Originally Posted by turtle View Post
    im thankful for pot
    banshee (ˈbænʃiː, bænˈʃiː)
    — n
    (in Irish folklore) a female spirit whose wailing warns of impending death

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    I'm thankful for this emoticon

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    Quote Originally Posted by turtle View Post
    im thankful for pot
    Quote Originally Posted by TequilaMockingbird View Post
    I'm thankful for this emoticon
    i lol'ed

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    Its 3 :30am so why not post!

    I'm thankful for a lot of things actually

    My best friend, who's stuck with me through a lot of ****
    My brother and sister, because we're all the same age and life would be tough not having them to lean on
    My dad, because he's my rock and I wouldn't be who I am without him
    My almost step mom because she's more of a mom to me than my own sometimes
    My boyfriend because we've been through way too much but we're still going
    Food, because I need food to live
    WATER because it is my favourite drink
    Soccer because I love being able to do what I love
    God, mostly because he's gotten me through the worst parts of my life

    So many more, but these are just a few
    I found you.

    This isn't giving up no, this is letting go.


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