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    How do Hollister jeans fit?

    Hollister is having a 50% sale on all of their jeans, and I am wanting to buy some, but don't know what size to try....

    At American Eagle, I wear a 0 in skinny and jeggings, and a 00 in any other.

    I tried on a pair of size 0 skinny jeans at Hollister once, and i could barely get my leg through it was so tight!!

    I want to buy this pair, bootcut, but don't know what size!

    someone help?!

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    Take your measurements and use the sizing chart? If you can't, compare hollisters size chart to american eagle's.
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    i would say "huge", but american eagle is "more huge"
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    Quite big in my experience, but I'm not comparing to other teen stores. I'm usually an 11 in jeans. Hollister's 9 is ploose on me.

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    I think it's really weird that some of you are saying huge. Hollister's jeans run soooo small in my opinion lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by ilovepickles11 View Post
    I think it's really weird that some of you are saying huge. Hollister's jeans run soooo small in my opinion lol
    But are you comparing to other teen stores like American Eagle?

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    LittleDetails Guest
    You are exactly my size!!
    In AE I'm a 0 in skinny and 0/00 in Jeggings, depending on the fabric.
    I just bought some Hollister super skinnies (or something) a few weeks ago and I couldn't fit into a 0 there...size 3 is perfect though Try that one lol

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    Albi Guest
    I'm a size 2 in Hollister jeans. A size 4 just about everywhere else

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    Apr 2008
    I'm between a size 1 and 3 for Hollister. I'm a 3 in Pacsun jeans. But AE jeans don't fit me at all. I kind of gave up shopping there. I hate things where their logo is printed everywhere. I don't mind hollister jeans though, they make me look like i have a butt. That's really all I'll buy from there.

    I'd take your measurements and compare it to the size chart. I think I'm going to go with a 3 just incase of shrinking. I might even go up to the store to make sure. It's a good price on jeans though. They used to run really big on me. Like I had to go down a few sizes. With their new "jean fabric" or whatever, I have no idea.

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