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    kryptonqueen Guest

    Fashion directory

    This may be a dumb idea, but how about we make an online shopping directory? Like we all list loads of sites where you can buy cute clothes online, maybe with a bit of info next to the link on what style of clothes you can get, sticky the thread and then whenever someone feels like a bit of online retail therapy, they could go there?

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    kryptonqueen Guest
    Woah we definitely need to sticky this!

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    Spandex Guest
    bumping this

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    Skankzilla Guest
    bumping this.

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    MEGAN! Guest
    wow thanks! lol.

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    Eulogy Guest
    sticky please?

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    .Mannequin.Monroe. Guest
    love love love
    sticky sticky

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    Spandex Guest

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    lilwomack Guest
    well with me i have limited allowance and really don't have a real job so i'd have to go to all the cheapy sites lol, but I wouldn't mind cheap if it has style and is sassy but most cheap clothes don't meat my teenage standards

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    VOGUETTE Guest

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    kayla-xo Guest
    Hooooly ****. Thanks for all those!

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    popree Guest
    great information,save time for us.

    by the way, i venture to add another one:

    fashion jewelry on-line store, offering worldwide free shipping


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    dealfinder118 Guest

    Directory in the directory

    There is also the coupon site ShopAtHome.com which has a huge online directory of clothing discount shopping stores

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    Jesus Guest

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    iiloveyoudearxo Guest

    Thumbs up For cheap and cute replicas [:


    i've ordered from them before and they're pretty quick & cheap!


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