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    Underarm stubble

    Whenever I shave my underarms, it seems like its never a close enough shave. I use a Venus razor with 5 blades, and it works fine on my legs, but with my underarms I can never get completely smooth. Does anybody else have this problem? Or have any solutions? It's really annoying because I have dark hair so even right after I shave you can still see stubble. Grr
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    snowyangel24 Guest
    yeah, shave in each direction, that helps. but i have the same problem although it isnt really a big deal to me. no matter what you can still see a very tiny bit of stubble under my armpits..i think some people's are just like that.

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    After using the deodorant that Fox mentioned for about a year now, my underarm stubble is a non-issue. I mostly use it for itchiness/burning, but it really helps with stubble, too. Other than that, definitely shave in every direction.


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