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    laxidasical Guest

    Bought the dress, now what?

    This is the dress that I dropped MAD money on, what do you guys think?
    Also, this is how I will be breaking it down on the dance floor at prom

    My concerns are these however:
    Obviously, I still need to get it altered, I'm a pretty short girl so the top needs to be taken up and then the lone straps around my waist will be tightened. BUT, unfortunately I am pretty small busted and was wondering if you guys had any suggestions toward a little more push-up in that area? Tape? Could the seamstress do something about it, because obviously there is no way I can inconspicuously wear a bra with this.

    Hair suggestions? I'm not a fan of updos because I feel like it accentuates my round face and makes me look fatter. Do you think down-do's are too bland and unformal though?

    If you guys see bangles or earrings that would look lovely with this that would be a HUGE help too!

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    Sportygurl Guest
    haha love the video.
    I reallllly like the dress,
    i know a lot of jb'ers arent fans of cutouts so they wont iike that, but my dress is cut out too and a lot of them are around here, so i love it.

    sorrry i dont have any tips for hair or anything cuz im bad with that. (:

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    Lol I probably commented on the above posters dress too..I effing hate cut outs. It looks cheap and tacky, and the slit is up the front of the dress? That is just awful.

    I think the colour looks really nice on your skin/hair colour though. For your boobs, you have a few diff options that you should try out beforehand. One is the little sticky things http://media.ebcu.com/product/imgage...13479691fc.jpg or http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_yS2JhfL-xJ...p+breast+lifts . I think la senza sells them, vs prob has something similar. You could also try duct tape - which sounds really weird honestly, but it does work. You would have to try this out before FOR SURE to make sure the tape doesnt show since its low cut. But if you have smaller breasts you just kinda squish them together and then tape them lol. I havent done it on myself, but I did help my friend do this, so if you want more details you can ask.

    For hair, if you dont want a full updo, do half up/down. But I think down dos are formal enough if you do it right. http://www.google.ca/images?q=half+u...&tbm=isch&sa=2 that is just some ideas of half up prom hairstyles.
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    I think the dress is beyond tacky. Im sorry. Im not normaly that honest on clothing here! But i really dont think you should wear it unless you want people to think youre from jersey shore.

    The colour looks great though. And wavy hair would look pretty on you.
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    I also have to agree with tacky. IMO, its passable without the slit in the front.

    You can definitely do a nice down-do without it looking too casual. Just google images "long formal hairstyles" and it'll give you lots of ideas.

    And invest in some double sided tape. Just put the tape about 0.5cm away from the edge of the dress and press it to your skin and no nip slips lol.

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    laxidasical Guest
    How does taping work? Double sided tape was going to be my option but I thought that was more for ensuring against those nip slips lol. I wanted a little bit of lift but it's beyond me how one would go about taping the girls up and making sure they're structurally sound.

    Thanks for the honest opinions, here in my town that's really what all the girls wear. And I'm not a fan on the front slit either, but tolerated it since I really do like my dress.

    What do you guys think about jewelry though? Definitely gold?

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    i love the back of that dress but not a fan of the front. but whatever, it's your prom and i bet most girls will be wearing dresses like that.
    i'd get some tape for sure and you could wear your hair like this
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    I don't understand all the hate on it,
    I think it makes your skin look gorgeous, with all the jewelyness down hair may be a bit to much, but if you feel uncomfy with an updo you could try a half

    And for boobs, you could try those little chicken cutlet looking things?

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    You look stunning in that dress imo!
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