This is the dress that I dropped MAD money on, what do you guys think?
Also, this is how I will be breaking it down on the dance floor at prom

My concerns are these however:
Obviously, I still need to get it altered, I'm a pretty short girl so the top needs to be taken up and then the lone straps around my waist will be tightened. BUT, unfortunately I am pretty small busted and was wondering if you guys had any suggestions toward a little more push-up in that area? Tape? Could the seamstress do something about it, because obviously there is no way I can inconspicuously wear a bra with this.

Hair suggestions? I'm not a fan of updos because I feel like it accentuates my round face and makes me look fatter. Do you think down-do's are too bland and unformal though?

If you guys see bangles or earrings that would look lovely with this that would be a HUGE help too!