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    COMMENT if your gonna read bother to read! my poems

    tell me what y'all think

    wrote on 1/3/11
    I wake up in the middle of the night
    I look over to my side
    Not wanting you to leave my sight
    I donít know what Iíd do if you died
    I can't help the way I feel
    I have fallen hard for you
    I always hope that itís real
    I wonder if you feel the way I do
    You wake up and look at me
    I tell you to go back to sleep
    As you look into my eyes lovingly
    I tell you if you die Iíll weep
    I donít know what else to say
    Except please donít ever go away

    wrote on 2/15/11
    My razor blade will only cut so deep
    Through the towel my blood starts to seep
    I sit on the floor wondering how much longer
    As I ask myself, ďwhy cant I be strongerĒ
    I move over to the tub as its filled with water
    I stare down as the see through color turns red
    I wonder if my parents are ashamed to call me their daughter
    With yet another blood soaked towel, I climb into bed
    I lay there and think, ďhave I gone too far?Ē
    Wishing I drove off that cliff in my car

    wrote on 2/22/11
    Iím always looking to release my pain
    Turning whatís emotional to physical
    You may wonder why but halt I cannot tell
    Since even I am not aware
    But I will try and say you this:
    Going back four months..
    Iíd lost my need to release this way
    You may wonder why one person
    Could means so much to me
    I donít know where to start
    I'm not sure how to say
    He still has a big piece of my heart
    And no matter how hard I try
    I just canít seem to let him go
    Itís not the head but the heart that feels
    I tell myself that Iíve let go to try and ease the pain
    But even my head knows that it ain't true
    I know things have been over for a while
    And even so I still have dreams
    That she and I are on the edge
    The edge of a burning volcano
    He could only choose one to save forever
    So let me just say
    That I burned to my death

    wrote on 2/23/11
    During the day when I'm awake
    The smile everyone sees is fake
    I hope that one of these days
    Everything will start to go right
    But for now its just a phase
    Where I'm stuck in the darkness of the night
    I wish I could say what I feel in my heart
    But I would have no idea where to start
    I just with he could open his eyes
    And tell me heís seen past my disguise
    I wish he could be here to help me out
    And wipe away the all tears from my cries
    I want him to tell me that he has no doubt
    I wish I could know if I have a fighting chance.

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    I'm sorry, I couldn't get past the fact that you couldn't even type out the word "you" in your first poem.

    I'm sure you want to be taken seriously...please revise that.
    .:How do you wait for heaven,
    and who has that much time?
    And how do you keep your feet on the ground when you know
    that you were born to fly?:.


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