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    People who wear makeup= insecure

    that's what people have been saying about this make-up guru on youtube:


    wtf?! for those of you who wear make-up....(all of you?) what do you say/what would you say to someone who made the assumption that you're insecure just because you wear make-up?

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    That they don't want to cover up their fugs and I do.

    No, but really. I would tell them to just grab a brain cell. I wear make up because I like the art of it, and I like the way it makes me look. If someone said I couldn't have it for the rest of my life, I don't think I would be too upset, but it's a hobby of mine. It's more than just slapping some powder on my face.

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    naw that's pretty dumb. i look better with makeup but i think i look alright without it too, i just like to look my best for certain occasions like going out at night or going to a wedding or something. i have flaws; everyone has flaws. if you can't walk out the front door to get the mail without a full face of makeup that would probably indicate insecurity but i just enjoy putting on makeup. its fun. i get to play with colors and if i hate it, it comes right off. its like painting yourself over and over

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    Some people may be insecure but that's not the case for a lot of people. Some just like the look of colors on their face. It really is an art.

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    Well, I only wear mascara. I guess that means I'm insecure about my eyelashes...

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    Quote Originally Posted by MonitorMissAshley View Post
    Some people may be insecure but that's not the case for a lot of people. Some just like the look of colors on their face. It really is an art.
    agreed. and I think you can tell when people view it as an art vs. when they just slap it on their face 2 inches thick.

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    Well you don't wear foundation because you think you have perfect skin. One of the main reasons for wearing makeup is to cover up your flaws. If you weren't insecure about your flaws, you wouldn't try to cover them up.

    I rarely wear more than concealer and mascara these days. Doesn't mean I'm not insecure, just means I'm lazy.

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    Eh, I don't really think it's about insecurity. Just because I feel pretty with mascara on doesn't mean I refuse to leave the house without it. I just like how I look with it on. People could say the same about wearing black slacks and a blazer vs sweats. Does that mean people who like to dress nice are too insecure to wear sweats? Not necessarily.
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    in some ways if you search deep down to the root of the reason, i can see why it may be true for most. but then again thats like saying, people who wear clothes, or cover their mouths when they laugh, or wear too much funky clothing are all insecure. when its another form of expression, and whether or not its needed the only thing being expressed is the fact that the people doing so are simply expressing its their body and they dont give a ****.

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    She's one of my favorites!

    I guess you could argue that if you wear nice clothes, you're insecure about how you'd look in frumpy clothing.

    Or, you just enjoy clothing.
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    I wear makeup because I'm insecure. I'm not going to lie.
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    personally, i see makeup as an art. the shapes, the colours... it just blows my mind lol.
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    I think people who have to wear foundation and bronzer and all that are generally insecure. I don't think you can deny it, because most of them admit they don't want to be seen without it. I know a girl who has been married for two years, but her husband has never seen her without make-up. That's insecure.

    However, a lot of make-up gurus (Michelle Phan, for example) are actually artists. The face is just one more canvas, one that you come to know pretty intimately.

    And then there are the average Janes out there who just like to bring out this feature or that. I like to make my eyes pop, so I wear mascara, eyeliner, maybe a touch of color. Or maybe this day, I want to go old-fashioned and deck out my lips in red. Most days, I'm too lazy for any of it.

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    No, I dont even think foundation means your insecure. Ill go to university/placement and my boyfriends happily without makeup. But when i wake up early and have time to kill or on special occasions ill do it all. I like trying different ways.

    I did used to wear it everyday because of my skin being so spotty, but its cleared up alot since using vitamin e oil, and now i couldnt give a crap if i wore it or not lol.
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    I agree with the concealer/foundation. That's showing someone is insecure about the look of their face. However, mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow are all meant to bring out or enhance facial features.

    I never think of people who wear makeup as insecure. I judge those who cake it on though. I only wear mascara. I'm lazy. I should probably be wear concealer to cover up my flawed skin, but whatevs.
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