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    Funny Old People Sayings

    Most of our family members (usually parents and grandparents) have weird little phrases they say in certain instances. Does your family have any?

    My boyfriend's grandma always says "shit & git" meaning don't take forever on the toilet, just shit and get out. We have made that our motto for other things now.

    She also says "It was hotter than Billy-be-damned!" and "I was on the pot giving it all I got."

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    Ahah. The only one I can think of is something my Papa always says during a game of Wahoo (which is like the game Sorry) if someone rolls one number lower than what was desired, he says 'one brick short of a load!' It makes me lol.
    "if you don't believe drugs have done good things for us, do me a favor: go home tonight and take all your albums, all your tapes, and all your cds and burn 'em. cause you know the musicians who made all that great music that's enhanced your lives throughout the years.... rrrreeeaaall fackin high on drugs."

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    super34023 Guest
    good title thank

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    My boyfriend's dad always says "Im going for a tiddy" as in going for a wee

    My nan always calls people "duck" or "cockerspadge"

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    Irrelephant Guest
    My grandma calls a 'creek' (you know, a little stream of water...) a 'crick'. My grandpa used to call people 'humbums' instead of cussing at them.

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    Jinx Guest
    My boyfriend says a lot of old people things that he picked up from his grandparents.

    Cats ass! - Meaning, something is cool.
    "I won a car!" "Cats ass!"

    Pea soup - Not very nice/low visibility
    "There sure is a big storm outside, it's raining quite a bit!" "That's for sure, it's like pea soup out there!"

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    my grandma says 'oh jeegers' when something is bad.. or maybe it's jeebus? idk haha

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    My chem professor is really cute little old man and he says things like,
    "Golly that is so spiffy!" "Isn't that just slick?"
    and "That is so sexy!"
    I don't like pickles

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    My elementary education professor says "Oh, sugar!" when something frustrates her. She's a little senile, but very sweet.

    My grandma always tells me to go for a run on the "thredmill"
    And she opens a bin of "I Cant Believe It's [not] Butter!"
    except she says- "Want some I Can't Believe It's Butter?"

    My boyfriend's mom calls King of the Hill "Hank Hill"
    -"Let's go watch Hank Hill!"
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    — n
    (in Irish folklore) a female spirit whose wailing warns of impending death


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