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    How often do you and your boyfriend text?

    I'm curious.
    How often do you guys text in a day? Did you guys text more/all the time when the relationship was new, and then it mellowed out a little as time went by? Or, do you guys text the same amount as you always did?
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    Depends on the day. If it's a weekday and he's working and I'm in class, it's not much. Maybe 6-8 between us both. Usually a good morning text, then a few when he's home from work and then a good night text. If it's the weekend and he's not busy, then more especially if a football or hockey game is on and we're not together to watch it, but if it's a weekend that hes in the studio (he owns it, so he spends a lot of time recording people) it's not much since he needs to focus on clients.

    We're still in the beginning but I'm assuming since we text not that much, it won't go down from what it already is.

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    Albi Guest
    5-10 a day on average

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    If we're not together, we're constantly texting (BBMing). Id say anywhere from 20-100 sometimes lol. Like while he's at work we will carry on conversations about random stuff so yeah.

    When we were first together I dont think we texted as much, then it went into ALOT of texts because we were both like, completely smitten, and now its balanced out a bit. Its still alot, but yeah, I think it used to be more lol
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    we talk on msn most of the time unless i'm in class, in which case we send a few texts back and forth during breaks/travel time. total texts in a day... around 10 maybe?
    when i say we talk on msn i don't mean we're having one continuous conversation a day, but i'll have the window open all day and if i have anything to say ill share it or whatever

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    he works between 9am and 5:30pm so we usually text in the evenings, a lot. It can be up to 200+ messages. Recently though all it has consisted of is "I'm bored" we don't have proper conversations.
    When we fist started going out, we'd text more I guess. I know that when he's finished his work placement our texts will subside and we'll hardly be in touch unless it's to arrange when we're going to get together (he lives about 5 minutes down the road)

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    It depends on the day, but in general a few times each per day back and forth. Sometimes more. We see each other pretty often so I dont text him every single time I have something to say, alot of the time I just wait til I see him. In the beginning we texted alot more, but I like the way it is now better.

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    OffendedWarrior Guest
    Never. Even when we were long distance it was NEVER. He wont do it, and I couldn't stand to do it all day. I liked a phone call at night before bed.

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    cumberbatch Guest
    We text significantly more than we did at the beginning, because I didn't get texting until like, a month ago, haha. We send each other around 2-4 texts a day if it's during the week. We tend to text more on the weekends or on breaks.

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    we text less but only because we are ALWAYS together and its not really necessary when im not with him unless its just to say "im coming over" or something important. id say we send on average 1-3 texts a day to eachother..

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    I would say we normally text a lot. But we just started dating like a week ago haha. I guess I'm just used to texting a lot. Normally we send a good morning text and just continue that throughout the day. Not constantly because I'm in class or he's at work...but yeah. Probably like 30-50/day? I really have no idea though. Usually at night we'll text [after class/work is done] and talk for a while though. It depends on the day and when we'll see each other next. After everyone's responses I feel like we text way too much now :/.
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    I'd say we actually text more than when the relationship was new, although we did text a lot before. But now we text almost all day because we're long distance, with the exception of when he's at practice/class, I'm taking an exam or have to pay close attention in class, or one of us is with friends (then it's less frequent). I can't really put a number on the amount of texts we send in a day, but it's high haha.

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    I haven't texted him in like 2 years. We live together.

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    mkfan Guest
    Since he went overseas never but before that we'd text as much as possible with our schedules. It was our main form of communication with phone calls and other things sprinkled in. Now it's just emails, facebook, and carepackages. Hopefully skype will be worked into that equation but that's not going to happen for awhile. As I go off on a tangent...

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    We pretty much text all day, except when we're in class. We've always texted this much, even when we first got together. We hardly ever talk on the phone.
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