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    Kissing with your eyes open?

    Just curious but do you think kissing with your eyes open mean anything?
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    Risen Angel Guest
    I don't think it means anything persay but I like it. It feels very intimate

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    cumberbatch Guest
    My eyes hurt if I have my eyes open while kissing, lol. Not to mention if we both happen to have them open at the same time, it just turns into a ridiculous staring contest with our eyes getting bigger and bigger until we bust out laughing haha.

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    lol There was something a while ago I saw, maybe a music video or a tv show but it had to do with a girl looking for a one eye'd person who made her made feel wonderful or something. Maybe it was Moral Orel but it turned out when you have your eyes open when you're really close to someone like kissing close they're eyes kinda go together and it kinda looks like a one eye. If that makes any sense.
    "If history is to change, let it change. If the world is to be destroyed, so be it. If my fate is to die, I must simply laugh."

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    Dnomla Allinav Guest
    I heard that kissing with your eyes open means you're more likely to cheat or something.

    I think its just creepy. I mean, sometimes I open my eyes in between kisses, but I dont leave them open while our lips are actually touching. Thats weird.

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    I don't, like, keep my eyes open the whole time, but I love opening my eyes sometimes while I'm kissing. It seems more personal and intimate to me. Plus then I can't, like, just pretend I'm making out with someone else entirely, haha.
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    OffendedWarrior Guest
    I feel that with your eyes closed your taking in every little detail and sensation that comes with the kiss, not to mention its just wayyy more intimate to me.

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    The only time i kiss with my eyes open is when im really really drunk. Its just hard for me to kiss with my eyes closed after drinking because i get really dizzy and feel like i might throw up haha..

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    I think kissing with your eyes open loses a lot of intimacy and I'd feel like I wasn't into it as much as I should be.

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    I opened my eyes a little during my first kiss. I couldn't tell if he wanted to end it or not and I needed to breath. lol I was starting to get a cold at the time. But it felt really weird with my eyes open..looked weird too.

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    ♥נєℓℓувєαη★gαℓ♥ Guest
    i think if its just a kiss not a makeout, then sometimes you open you're eyes just cuz you don't know if its going into something more. And its not like you're looking around when you're kissing. You only focus on the person, sometimes its cu you wanna know if they're looking at you.

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    Gemma Guest
    I think it varies with everyone, but I don't like to have my eyes open. When they are closed I'm much more involved in the kiss. It feels much more intimate.

    Plus I think when you kiss, your faces are way too close together to look at each other.

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    sea glass♥ Guest
    no, i think that'd be a really weird actually haha

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    I occasionally peek, but I usually keep my eyes closed. I tried kissing with my eyes open, and it was just awkward, ha ha. I wouldn't really take it as a sign of anything though.
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    I just think it's creepy to have your eyes open.

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