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    How to cheer up a guy who just got dumped?

    My brother and his girlfriend broke up 2 days ago and he's really sad. He's usually pretty emotionless but now I can hear him crying and it really hurts me. What are some things I could do to cheer him up? I already made him breakfast, which he declined, so I went out and bought his two favorite ice cream flavors.

    What else could I do? Thank you so much for any suggestions.

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    J.Roo Guest
    Is he into video games? Maybe offer to play with him. In general though, if he's up for it, do something that'll distract him from thinking about the breakup. He might just need some good old fashioned alone time first, though.

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    Ugh, that's so sad. My brother's girlfriend of 5 years broke up with him last year while in England. She went on a trip for a couple of months and met a guy there, so she called my boyfriend and told him she was not coming home in a few days like originally planned (he had a count down calendar) and she was staying an extra 3 months. So she broke up with him for another guy and he was devastated. It sucked. We pretty much just made sure to not upset him and he hung out with his friends a lot. It helps to actually DO something. Or go somewhere. Movies and tv shows just remind you of your failed relationship, so it's hard. Maybe go swimming, be active. Something fun. A hike maybe. Camping in tents with friends. Even just a board game. Just make sure he's doing something. It won't cure his sadness, but it might make him forget about it for a minute or two.
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    GoldLion Guest
    I find the worst part of a breakup is how alone and lonely you feel, afterwards.

    So, try to do something with him! Even if it's just hanging out and watching a movie on the couch, make sure he has someone to be around.
    And don't make it sound like you're doing this to make him feel better. Say something like "Hey, wanna watch this ______/go to _______ with me? I'm bored." Or even say you want the company.

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    Thanks you guys. She came to get her stuff last night so I'm sure there's a new wave of sadness today. I offered to go play billiards with him because he's always asking me to go, so hopefully that cheers him up. And he's been eating the ice cream for breakfast, so at least I did something right!


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