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    Liquid foundation vs. Powder foundation vs. Cream foundation

    In your opinion, which works best?

    I was using pressed powder for a while, but it's really sheer and I want more coverage. I was thinking of liquid foundation, but I sweat alot and I don't want it to run. Then, there's cream foundation, which is the best of both worlds? Basically, I want something a formula that works well on combination skin and gives me moderate coverage. Which type of foundation should I get?
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    τuяимyswαgoи Guest
    I don't like powder foundations. They never give enough coverage unless you really cake them on, and then by noon it still looks like you have nothing on. Cream foundations tend to look cakey and settle into lines, etc. As far as sweating goes, I don't know which foundations are sweat-proof, so I can't help you there.

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    maybelline superstay liquid.. won't sweat off.. i love it

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    I've always had the best luck with powder foundations. Liquid used to be my thing in 9th grade, but my skin has gotten oilier so powder's the way to go.

    EDIT: I've always hated pressed powders. I agree, they offer little coverage. Have you tried Everyday Minerals foundation? You can get free samples!

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    cashmerejeans Guest
    I have dry skin, so I find liquid is the best. It's easier to blend (with a brush) and gives an airbrushed look when applied correctly. It usually doesn't end up looking cakey like powder and cream foundations do.

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    I prefer liquid foundations. Cream and powder are way to cakey and don't stay on all day and don't give enough coverage. And like someone else said, when applied right liquid foundations give you a flawless airbrushed look.
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    I hate liquid foundation. It always looks flakey on my skin, and it's obvious that I'm wearing it. Powder foundation seems more natural looking to me (as long as you're not wearing too much). But I guess if you need a lot of coverage, liquid is the way to go. I use Bare Minerals and love it. I think a loose powder is better than a pressed powder.

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    redhighheels Guest
    I use Superbalanced by Clinique, it's a liquid and i love it. It's meant for people with combination skin to balance the dry spots and the oil spots. It actually works so well, when i switched from Lancome to this i noticed my skin doesn't look shiny or dry throughout the day.

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    ThatGirl Guest
    Well i find that if i want a more natural look i use powder foundation as it doesn't give alot of coverage. I think cream foundations are really good if used correctly because otherwise it can look really fake and caked on, but they last along while. Although i find that i normally use liquid foundation atm because its really easy to put on and it doesn't sweat of me, if you feel that you would really sweat yours off i suggest using a liquid and then putting a light sweep of powder ontop to set it.

    Also i suggest maybeline dream foundations.
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    I haven't tried liquid or powder foundation, but I use CoverGirl's TruBlend Wipped Foundation, and like other people said about cream foundations, it does look cakey. They aren't bad if you just need minimum coverage, like I do (I just take a small makeup brush, like a lip-liner brush, and cover specific blemishes/discolorations/etc. with the foundation, then go over those same spots with concealer, and finish with pressed power... my skin looks almost flawless after that!), but if you put it all over your face, it cakes up.

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    What I find works best is liquid cover up + pressed powder foundation. I use cover up on any blemishes I have/circles under my eyes, and then use a pressed powder to even out my skin.

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    I used to love liquid when I was younger, because I felt like I needed alot more coverage. Now, I generally prefer powders. I like it because its easy to apply, its really really quick and it looks so natural.
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    RunningFree Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by starshapedheart View Post
    I used to love liquid when I was younger, because I felt like I needed alot more coverage. Now, I generally prefer powders. I like it because its easy to apply, its really really quick and it looks so natural.

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    SweetNothings Guest
    I prefer liquid because i think its blends better and gives better coverage

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    Quote Originally Posted by MonitorShoeboxOfLies View Post
    I prefer liquid over any other kind. Just get a long wearing kind, like L'Oreal Infalliable (I use it), and you should be fine. I keep oil blotting sheets with me all the time, so I use that during the evening if I feel like I need to. I put loose powder (Clinique blended face powder, <333) on top of the liquid foundation once it has dried. The combo just makes my skin look smooth and even, without feeling heavy or looking caked on.
    I do the same thing. It works really well on my skin.


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