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    Beach_babe117 Guest

    Stumbling and shaking dog

    Ok so today my dog started rolling around all weird.
    He couldn't stand up straight or walk well
    Then he started panting alot
    Then he started shaking uncontrollably
    Whimpering and his back was arched like a hissing cat
    And his legs were all tensed up
    Then he stopped but continued panting
    So I brought in his water bowl
    And I laid a wet towel on him and turned the fan on
    He is fine now, no more panting or shaking or stumbling
    I am just worried it might happen again
    Does anyone have any ideas on what happened/is wrong with my dog?

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    did he lose consciousness? drooling? uncontrolled urinating? was it heavy shaking? watch him...if it happens again take him to the vet
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    Beach_babe117 Guest
    Hey was drooling alot and he usually never drools
    I don't know if he lost consiouness but he wouldn't respond to be calling his name where he usually would respond
    And from my past of dealing with friends seizures I would say it definately looked like one but I just wasn't sure if dogs could get them

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    Hi there! How old is your dog? It definately sounds like a seizure, I unfortunately had to watch my dog seizure, and it was horrible, I broke down crying and called my dad home from work. The vets thought that it was epilepsie so put her on high doses on phenobarb but the seizures continued. It turned out she had lime disease. If I were you, I'd bring your dog to the vet decently soon (within the next few weeks) tell them about the seizure, and ask for testing for lime disease. Depending on where you live they may argue with you (our vet did, so we went to a different one), but its important because if caught early lime disease is curable, but if late, like in my dogs case it could be fatal.

    Also the reason I'm asking how old your dog is, is because epilepsie is something that tends to reveal itself at a young age, so if your dog is like 5, then its probably not epilepsie. Sorry if this scares you! It may also be from eating poison. This happened to my cousins dog, who had gotten out and got into her neighbours garbage.. the neighbour had happened to lace the garbage to get rid of raccoons ...

    You can PM me if you want to, but I think talking to a vet on the phone atleast, if nothing else would be a good idea.

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    Beach_babe117 Guest
    O wow thanks alot guys this is really helpful
    And yea I called my dad panicing too
    My dog is 6
    And this is the first time something like this has happened to him
    Lime disease from tics? I'm not sure cuz we have K9 Advantix and put it on him.
    My dog has been acting fine now, for the past like 8 hours.
    So I will definately take him to the vet and ask about lime disease and epilepsy.

    Thanks Tons!!!!

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    No problem! Let me know what the vet says. Good luck!

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    The same thing kinda happened to my dog, but shes 14.

    She starting peeing and couldn't stand or sit without stumbling, and her eyes started going rapidly from side to side.

    We thought it was a seizure but when we looked more into it turns out its really an inner ear disease or something of the sort, and its happens randomly. If you look more into it online you could maybe find the name. Right now I can't remember at all haha. But for my dog it happened twice and it could happen at any time. We didn't take her to the vet and she's fine. :] But since this might not be the same, you might wanna take him to the vet.
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