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    Quote Originally Posted by redhead View Post
    Probably straight up cheese.. it's okay on pasta or pizza but just eating a cut of cheese makes me want to vomit, especially the more expensive ones like bleu and swiss. Just sick.
    yes this this this exactly. no plain cheese. string cheese is so gross to me. and no strong moldy tasting cheese like bleu.

    Quote Originally Posted by Idioteque View Post
    Cool ranch Doritos are the most disgusting thing ever. You couldn't force me to eat them, nope, never.
    yeah i don't get the appeal of doritos.

    also, i hate sweet pickles and sweet relish. i don't really like cole slaw and everyone else seems to. i HATE sweet potatoes. ew. i can't stand any fruit in my salad or any sweet dressing. salad to me is supposed to taste vegetabley not fruity. i hate cucumbers. i don't really like hommus even though EVERYONE does. it's just meh. cheeseballs suck. i don't like frozen pizzas and i hate when pizza has stuffed crust. i also dislike jalapeno poppers or pizza rolls or bagel bites or any other frozen appetizer baked food. and diet coke is pretty disgusting unless you get it at a restaurant in a glass with ice. not sure why, it just tastes ok from the fountain but awful from the can.
    Thanks a whole... lot.

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    this is basically all i eat:

    lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, cucumbers, cauliflower
    mostly all fruits except for red delicious apples and bananas
    egg whites
    cereal (special k, bunches, and honey nut cheerios are my fav)
    turkey lunch meat w whole wheat bread and mustard
    seafood (salmon, flounder, shrimp, crab)

    mostly the reason i only eat these right now is because im on a strict diet, but its also the only foods i really like. im kind of obsessive and picky about what i eat. if my mom makes food i will usually eat it, but i really hate hotdogs, hamburgers, meatload, pork chops, roasts, mostly all meat

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    Coffee. Can't even stand the smell...
    One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor.

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    Fizzy drinks/soda. I was always the only kid at birthday parties who didn't want a coke/pepsi/fanta.

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    octopus Guest
    nachos taste like cardboard farts

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    Cherries are gross.


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