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    Beartato Guest

    Getting into Photography

    I started taking pictures a little over a week ago. I'm an obvious beginner, but it'd be nice to hear what your guys think.


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    Sep 2009
    im not expert on photography at all so i cant offer pointers or anything but i reeeeally like these pictures you took!
    lol i even saved a bunch of them on my computer :P good job!

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    ♥ analogue Guest
    * i like the robot shot, i think it's cute how it resembles childhood...and the tall grass in the background adds to the idea.

    * i LOOOVVVEE the statue - really like how it's off to the side, so all your focus goes immediately to the subject

    * great shot of the flag- makes me proud to be an American. haha! but yea and good angle too.

    * idk how i feel about the low-light/shadow on the Apricots, but it's still nice

    * i love the shot of your cat with the light showing in his/her face. it kinda adds mystery to what he/she might be looking at.

    * i absoultly LOVE "all things girly" 1) because i love fashion magazines! whoo! 2) the magazine, pic of marylin monroe (sp?), pearls, bangle, and jewelry box w/a white rose in it...actually DO epitomize "all things girly"! more than just a flower...or simply lipstick. nice thought put into that shot. oh! and the delicate lighting was good too!

    * the beer bug was cute. especially since bugs usually fly off too fast for one to capture, nice hands!

    * the "lonely bird, lonely cloud" was clever. even if you didn't mean for it to be, the title you gave it was interesting.

    * and last one..the carousel was good too. i kinda wish you would've taken a wide-angle shot, and maybe slowed the shutter speed down (less seconds) as well...just to experiment a bit with movement...if the carousel was still moving, lol.

    overall: i think you're great!! especially for only shooting for about a week. it was nice to see you shoot something OTHER than nature or your cat, beacause so many people only shoot their backyard or pets...which can get boring. so keep shooting and continue to expand your horizons! (cheesy, sry)
    and just wondering, what camera do you use? lol

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    HakunaMatata Guest
    Beautiful shots! I've been working on taking some shots for the past month or so, and I haven't had nearly as much success as you have. Great eye!

    What kind of camera do you use?

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    You seem to have a really good eye for portraits. Keep working on those, but don't limit yourself to just headshots.

    I think you're off to a very good start, but vary your photos up and try to stay away from cliches and create originality and style. A lot of the photos have been done before (the colored pencils, love stuff), so try something different.

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    Nov 2006
    You def have an eye for photography. :0)

    Try to work on getting different angles, ones out of the ordinary.

    And definatly take a look at this website if you are serious about photography, It has tons and tons of great tips and a supportive community on the forums. :0)


    Hope you keep it up!
    I am going to college for photography, I live and breathe it. :0)

    Oh, and what camera do you use to shoot with?
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    I like most of them, besides the portraits. I dont really like them, but it might be the models
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    They're really good I've been taking photography classes for a few years and you used most of the stuff that we learned.
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    The ones you have taken are very good for a beginner.

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    depressedgirl92 Guest
    taking those pics for being just a beginner was really good!! u took better pics then one of my good friends whos been taking them for over a year. remember not to limit them just to head shots.

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    ketchup Guest
    I'll watch you on DA!


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