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    epi93 Guest

    Post Your Grad/Prom Pics!

    I'm on my post-grad buzz, haha, and I feel like looking at everyone's pictures!
    Here are some of mine:
    After throwing off our robes and hats.
    Actual grad.

    Post away!

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    Phillia<3 Guest
    No prom or grad for me, but you looked stunning. As did your friends.

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    Dr. Pepper Guest
    wow, love your pics! You and your friends all look gorgeous! I love your dress too! haha :P

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    Sophie Guest
    Lol. Mine are oldddddd.

    Post-GCSE prom nearly 5 years ago. (On the right)

    Post-A level prom, 2 years ago (Brown dress)

    I miss proms lol

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    MajorLeagueBaseball Guest
    Mine are super old, too.

    purple dress, Prom 06 (I was a junior)
    black dress, Prom 07

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    Jul 2006
    I love your dress! That's such a beautiful color on you.

    My graduation isn't until Saturday, but I'll post my prom pictures.
    Don't quote the links please!

    Prom '09:
    Red dress on the left.
    On the left.

    Prom '10
    Yay! This was a fun one to take.

    I will edit this post later to post my grad pictures!

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    R.I.P Johnny 1991-2009
    R.I.P Brad 1991-2010
    R.I.P JC 1979-2010

    Just look in the mirror every day & tell yourself that you ARE worth it. That you are beautiful. Don't be scared of how people look at you when they see you, cause there is NOTHING wrong with you.

    Place your hand over your heart. Feel that? That's called purpose, you're here for a reason, make it count; <3

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    Baby♥Cakes Guest

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    epi93 Guest
    Thanks, you guys! I love your pictures! I just saw this now, haha, but you all look so pretty in your dresses!
    To the post right...above me, I think? I love the color of your dress, I wanted a color like that for my dress!

    AND...just because I'm kind of in love with our professional pictures, here are some more:
    I like this one!
    This one's a bit awkward because my friend had a phone call right when he took the photo.
    Kind of awkward, haha. I didn't know what to do.
    The camera was too close to my face, so i looked down!

    I also danced at our banquet, and he got a few shots. I'm in the white and orange

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    Iceland is my home: Sigur Rós, Seabear, and múm.

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    William Sigei

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    epi93 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by humanbehaviour View Post
    Wow, your grad pics turned out great! And i love love LOVE your grad dress!

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    Oct 2008
    Prom 2009
    Prom 2010

    So many good memories

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    Nov 2006

    Prom 2010

    Three of my best friends

    Me, my friend, and her boyfriend (I was really sick on prom night, So ignore the deadness of my face.)

    Kissy face

    Me and Alex

    Graduation 2010

    Me and one of my friends
    Walking to get my diploma (actually, an empty case, you don't get your actual diploma until after the ceremony in case you do something dumb and they get mad and hold your diploma)

    Project Graduation 2010

    This was towards the end of the night, around 4:00am, we were all really tired. My friend captioned it "Emo corner, with balloons!"

    Me and my friends awkward large mouthed face

    Singing some Micheal Jackson!
    "A light in the middle of the f***ing sky! yeah, that's brilliant!"

    "Maybe, just maybe, he was an English teacher. Learn to spell and he'll go away!"

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    Wow this is old lol.
    The sooner you let 2 hearts beat together, The sooner you'll know this love is forever, Love needs time now or never

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    xxlizaxx Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Will To Live View Post
    Prom 2009
    Prom 2010

    So many good memories

    You are gorgeous. and I love both of your dresses - so classy and elegant.


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