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Thread: Prom Dresses

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    Prom Dresses

    Where did you guys get your prom dresses, prom is in a month, and i have nothing!
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    Lullaby Guest
    i bought mine from a store in my city, but the dress was ordered from here. a lot of girls have been getting theirs from the site. i'm on the west coast, and i was told it takes anywhere from 2-5 weeks to come in. otherwise girls have been shopping in bridal(/prom) shops, you might also be lucky and find something in a department store. if you're looking for a short dress, there might be something in a mall. good luck!

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    I got mine at David's Bridal. The prices aren't that bad either.
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    Passions Guest
    I got mine from BCBG

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    Go to a department store to try on different styles to get a feel of what you like. If you don't like anything there, go to a prom boutique and get your dress there. Warning: I got my dress from a prom boutique, and it get crazy on the weekends, like 90 minute dressing room wait crazy. So if you go there and are in the fitting room for a long time with no intention to buy, the staff will get a little testy with you.
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    KJMenergy Guest
    Try to find places that sell dresses but don't consider themselves to be a boutique.. I don't know it worked in my case because the dress i bought was 150 bucks but regular 300$ but they were closing down.

    I noticed with boutiques that are popular..that they are constantly on you to buy a dress..and saying that every dress you try on is beautiful on you.. they are annoying. hah plus their dresses cost you an arm and a leg depending on which one you like. And believe me it sucks when you find a dress you love until you see the price tag. haha

    Also there are quite a few places even in my local mall that are all prom dresses just for this season I guess.

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