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    Accessories/Hair for this dress

    Hi guys! So this is my dress


    It's for a winter formal, so it doesn't have to be super-prommy (only two girls I know are going for full-length gowns, one is going for something very fashion-forward) - I'm just wondering how to do shoes, hair etc. At the moment I'm thinking clear tights and black shoes, most likely wedges as I'm short but can't walk in heels!

    Also, it's a slightly warmer shade of gold than that picture shows


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    No one? No one at all?

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    Joanne Guest
    You might not know, but about a month ago the regular members on here decided to make their own forum, as this one wasn't approving new accounts resulting in the forum being really inactive and old members who deleted their accounts not being able to come back. The link to the new forum is here if you'd like to join everyone is over there.

    As for your question, hair depends on you and what suits you, not really the dress. For accessories I'd say a black cluch, black heels, and maybe some simple silver earrings. I wouldn't do wedges, I don't think they'd look right. Try just very small 1-2 inch heels. Don't do clear tights though. Clear tights are awful, they're not clear at all. Do black tights and black flats?

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