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    Jun 2011
    I live outside of Boston... It is okay I guess but I have lived in Massachusetts all my life and have hardly seen many other places to compare it with

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    Jan 2011
    I live in Minnesota, and I like it because we get all 4 seasons. We get the real extremities of each season though. Winter starts in like, November and doesn't end until March or April sometimes. And it can get pretty hot in the summer, although this summer has completely SUCKED so far. It's been rainy and gross a lot out. :/
    Right now, I'm living in the suburbs, and it's a great place to grow up because it's really safe and friendly, but there isn't much to do as a teenager- there's not much around besides restaurants, malls and bowling alleys and stuff like that. Next year I'll be going to college downtown, and I absolutely LOVE it there, so I'm excited.

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    Nov 2009
    I do love living in Southern Ontario. The great lakes are nearby for water, we get 4 lovely seasons, there's a huge variety of things to do and see.

    The exact place I live right now I don't love. It's a crappy part of a great city. But, we're going to move, either to a better part of the city or out of the city.
    So this is life, eh? Hmm, I'm surprised; not what I was expecting. I guess I'll roll with the punches, and take it one day at a time. I'll find love where I least expect it. I'll laugh till I cry. I'll make the best of every moment. And most importantly, on the day I die, I guess I'll be able to look back and say, "Damn, what a ride!".

    RIP My darling. We'll all miss you, now until forever.

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    No, I hate Texas, and basically any Southern state that I've been to. It's just not for me. I'm originally from San Francisco, and I prefer the whole city life better. Once I graduate next year I hope to move to NYC or back to SF.
    RIP Dad. I miss you. <3

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    I loooove living in Milwaukee!
    "You guys are basically dating. You went to the grocery store to get stuff to make tacos. You don't do that with someone you're just banging!"

    My best friend Brinny says, "Oh, she's just being Meli."

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    I'm in Niagara Falls for school right now, hate it. I hate the entire area pretty much, it's very ghetto and uninviting. I really only like the quaint little town just outside of campus, the falls themselves, and Fort Niagara and of course my campus.

    I love home (Massachusetts) and I like where my boyfriend's from, hour or so maybe outside of DC.

    Proud to be a MASS-HOLE.

    ROCK ON!


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