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    Feb 2008
    A 2nd generation 4GB iPod nano. I want my 120GB Classic back, mine is tiny.
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    4GB Creative Zen Mozaic.

    The only thing I'd change would be the size, I'm running out of space. I love how it has actual buttons and not a knob or something like that and the buttons are a pretty decent size. Makes it easy to change songs while I'm driving, or explain to someone how to use it.

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    I have a Zune 80 that is fine for my needs. It's decent for watching movies, I guess, but the 320 x 240 resolution is kinda low for a screen that size... my phone (Motorola Droid) has more pixels than that.

    I'm considering grabbing a 32GB Sansa View if a cheap one comes up on Woot, but I'm not sure that will happen. I might just get a 32GB MicroSDHC card for my Droid instead. Also, my music collection is 26GB and growing, so soon I won't be able to get my entire collection on a 32GB device.

    Years ago, Creative made some great music players, but their recent stuff is crap. They're trying way too hard to make their products like the iPod. Back in high school, I had a Zen Xtra 30GB that was way better than the iPod of the day- just a bit bigger, but damn near indestructible, and it had a removable/replaceable battery, all for a lot less money. A few years later I got a Zen Vision:M, and it was awful. The whole thing was covered with delicate gloss plastic, and it had a crappy touch-scroll thing.

    I really only need a music player that plays music and maybe videos. Anything beyond that (apps/games and such) can be handled by my kickass phone.

    Quote Originally Posted by LadyEleanor View Post
    I have an ipod. My boyfriend has a creative zune and I really like it. It has speakers and ipods don't.
    Creative Zen or Microsoft Zune? There's no such thing as a Creative Zune. :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by ForeverYoungxo View Post
    8GB iTouch. The only thing I'd change is the amount of GBs it has.
    but I'm not sure, the GB on mine ahsnt run out, so at the moment I am good

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    Supersonic Guest
    Right now i have one of the old 30g ipod videos. Hopefully i'm going to get an itouch soon though because mine won't stay charged any more.

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    16 gb iPhone 3gs.
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    I have a 5th generation, 8GB iPod.
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    SheWasARebelChild Guest
    30GB iPod classic. It's old by today's standards, but it works fine for me and it stores a lot of songs.

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    I have a 120gb iPod classic, and I adore everything about it. The amount of space makes me (figuratively) cream my pants.
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    Monsterpuss Guest
    32g iTouch....

    I don't really have much use for it as I don't have that much music and the apps...blah...I'm not that into.

    I also have an iPod nano that I got back in 2005...

    I would trade for the newest iPod nano...not sure what gen

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    30gb Ipod classic, fifth generation.

    I love it because I got it in 05 and it has been through so much stuff. It has hit the floor,fallen into a cup of tea,had pop spilled on it and laid in the disaster that is the bottom of my purse/backpack.

    It's a trooper and the amount of space is good for me. I wouldn't accept any less.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Leah View Post
    I'm confused. The iPod Classic didn't come out until 2007.
    The "official" ipod classic came out in 2007, but all the ones before it are considered classic too. It's just the style of it that's classic.
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    Various Ipods I had in the past and my Iphone currently.
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    I have a black 5th generation 60GB iPod (video) that I won in a raffle in 2006. haha. Actually, my grandma won it, but she gave it to me because she had no use for it. It still works great, and as long as it does, that's more than enough for me. I could never fill 60 GB.
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    32gb iPod Touch. It's is my baby and i will always be buying iPod Touches from now on. I love having all the album art there

    I would probably get a bigger one next time, and I would add a 'sort by year' function.

    Also, I would get rid of my Facebook app..... I'm soo addicted -.-


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