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    city sirens? (i'm so scared)

    so this turned out to be like 4 paragraphs i'm sorry i'm just scaredddd

    okay so it's like 2 am and me and my bf are parked in front of my house and the fking CITY SIREN goes off. and i was soooo terrified cuz all i know is the city sirens only go off if there is a huge emergency... so yeah

    what could it have been going off for? like what are some options? why do city sirens go off? and it couldn't have been a tornado my city is all on hills we had one tornado once in like the 50s

    if any of you have seen the silent hill movie OMG me and my bf have so we hear the siren right and then the lights in his mom's car start to dim and they go black just like in the movie u hear the siren and then it all goes black omg i was so scared

    and to make things worse my outside light kept flashing like going on and off and i thought something was going on cuz of the sirens too right and come to find out its my mom flashing them cuz she wants me in

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    I'm sure that turning on the news would answer many of your questions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MonitorPaddedPushUpBra View Post
    I'm sure that turning on the news would answer many of your questions.
    actually it wouldn't. the news isn't on right now and the news we get is for the city near me that's the capital of the state not for my city
    and the news for my city only comes on at night

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    Did you ever find out why they went off? I'm curious now!

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    mkfan Guest
    I've heard that they are sometimes used to signal car accidents. It happened when I was in West Virginia in the middle of the mountains so we asked and there was some sort of accident on the near by highway. It was a really rural area though.

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    Ive never heard of a city siren. :S

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    thatoneaddiction Guest
    Are you sure it wasn't a tornado watch? Ours go off even if it's only a watch, there doesn't necessarily have to be one that has touched down.

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    we never found out what it was
    and i don't think it was a tornado watch cuz it would have been on the news and there was nothing on it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Merciella View Post
    Maybe they were testing the alarm. Cities often test tornado and emergency alarm systems.
    Seems like the type of thing they miiight not want to test at 2 am when most people are trying to sleep, though.

    I dunno, I live in the middle of nowhere, so I don't know what city sirens are or are used for. I'm really curious now, though.
    Edit: The town I go to school in has a siren that goes off at noon every day. I don't know if that's something legit that they're testing or if it's just the noon siren, though, haha. I don't actually live in town, so I've never heard it go off for any other reason, and throughout my entire life it's just been referred to as 'the noon siren.'
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    Here they have a prison break siren, the city tests it every Saturday at noon.
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