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    SquishyHomie Guest

    Aha. Tips on making-out. [reupped]

    (good job i had it saved!)

    I took all the tips from the other thread and put them all into this list. Add on if you think of any, but, please, TIPS ONLY. Don't ask your questions here, only ANSWERS. (For instance, I believe it was MoniterZeeFrenchMaid and some other girl who wanted to know what you're supposed to do when kissing a guys neck.)

    Could a monitor sticky this, since it's only tips?

    Anyway, here are all of the tips from that list:

    -Don't try to be all dirty to turn him on if you've just started dating or he's just over for a date. It seems easy, and you don't want to go out with those kind of guys, anyway.
    -Don't spaz out and worry if you're a good kisser. If he likes you, it won't matter.
    -Don't have horrendous breath. Either brush your teeth before you go out, have mints with you, or stay away from garlic, onions, etc. (unless you both eat them) Good or normal breath is okay-peanut butter breath isn't.
    -Chapped lips = gross. LIP BALM, PEOPLE, LIP BALM!!
    - Straddle him.
    - Run your hands down his neck, or back.
    - Run your hands through his hair.
    - Use different types of kisses, not just tounge.
    - Don't forget to breath. Haha.
    - Suck/nibble on his lower lip gentley.
    -Don't get pressured into doing it if you're not ready.
    -Don't make out for the first time (or any time) because you're hornery. (Yes I know I spelled it weird) Make sure you want to and it's not just a fling, or you could feel pretty ****ty afterwards.
    -Perfume: Wear a litte so he can only smell it when he gets really, really close.
    -Lick the back of his ear after working your way up there with kissing.
    -Trace random patterns all over with your fingers.
    -Make sure you won't get interrupted. It's embarassing when little sibs run upstairs screaming, "Mommy! He's on top of her!!!"
    -Don't just thrust your tounge in his mouth
    -Keep it soft, not just all licking his face and what not
    -Keep your eyes closed... please..... we don't want to be seeing this when we are making out
    -Don't get all crazy like taking off your shirt and all, unless you are going to get it on lmao.
    -don't attack him with your tongue. Be gentle, and if you're afraid you're doing something wrong, just follow his lead. Your hands will find a place, don't worry about it. And enjoy it, don't spend the whole time thinking "Am I doing something wrong?"
    -Don't do it with someone in an effort to "win them over". It will backfire.
    -If you're in your bedroom or basement or something, have something else going on, like a movie playing or music, so it doesn't look like you're in there doing God-knows-what.
    -Swallow, and don't dribble on him.
    -Don't think about it too much. If you aren't sure of what to do, just do what he does. Just don't forget to close your eyes, and do forget to breathe.
    -gently use fingertips to caress over each others bodies, up and down his arms, and across his chest, it tingles, and feels really good.
    -make some eye contact, my friend finds that hot, cause I'm shy, and he thinks I have pretty eyes.
    -don't breath through your mouth at all, I got told this one. Embarrasing.
    -Take it slow, let the emotion build up.
    -maybe try holding his cheek where your finger tips are in his hair, and try playing with his hair.
    -get into the moment and make it real special ;D
    -dont bite..ow ahaha
    -just enjoy it xD
    -Run your hands along his side, varying pressure
    -Run your hands anywhere, varying pressure
    -Start off by giving him a good backrub (google on how to do this so you don't hurt him)
    -Leave something to the imagination when dressing for him.
    -Play with the bottom of his shirt, and slowly put your hands under it, then out again.
    -Stroke his face.
    -Before this all stars, stroke his face and mouth.
    -Kissing games are always fun
    -Don't try to impress him with all your stuff/skills/etc. No one likes a braggart. Just be yourself.
    -Smile and look right into his eyes.
    -Never, ever stick your toungue right down his throat.
    -Think about consequences....I know this sounds Mom-ish, but suck it up. If you're out with someone you don't know very well (or don't know at all) and start making out, watch out for being all dirty. He could be the type of monster who'd do things to you and then say you "asked for it."
    -Teasing, though, is good if you're doing this with someone you know and trust. Either A) eventually give in, or better yet, B) Don't. Make him suffer so he keeps wanting more. Don't tease with things you aren't ready for, though.
    -PLEASE if you're having a conversation w/ ur friends and your bf walks up dont stop halfway through the conversation just you can stick your tongue down his throat! Geez not only is it rude, but its so ANNOYING
    - Alter your breathing. Moaning turn both of you on so much...
    - What's the problem with biting? Actually, just nibble, because you don't want to stop kissing and see that he is all covered in blood.
    - And NO, there is no problem in kissing someone that wears those unremovable braces. Unless you get too excited and you bump each others teeth. That's bad. Really bad. Don't just go too fast and attack right when you start kissing when you are not sure if he is going to do the same. More chances to bumping teeth.
    - Sucking each others tounge is cool. Way cool. Circles, in and out, do whatever with them. But kissing isn't all about tounges, so vary the types and speed along the way to keep it INTERESTING, not mechanical.
    - Sucking fingers is cool too. Be sure that his hands are... clean.
    - I second the girl that said something about going under his shirt and then out, and just lightly moving your hands through his body.
    - Necks. Don't forget them. And tell your partner not to forget yours.
    - Vary pressure on anything that you do.
    -Shower. (This is an all-time winner)
    -Make sure you don't have bad breath. Normal or minty is good. Bad=yucky. No one wants to kiss plaque.
    -Treat your family nice if you're at your house...it's not a good impression if you tell your sis to "Get the hell away", even if you would normally....(that wasn't making out...oh wait-I'll randomly tie it in. If he doesn't like you, you won't make out. )
    -Don't wear a strapless bra for the first time...don't wear one, period if you're like me and they fall down all the time...it's not hot to be adjusting yourself in front of him all the time.
    -Don't be embarassed if you think you did bad, or if he/she pulls back and starts going again...not everyone likes to be bit, have their neck touched, etc. Experiment.
    -Play with the back of his/her neck. Very sweet.
    -Don't do it around your friends. They'll get sick of you quickly. Haha.
    -Do something special for him beforehand so he remembers it as being a great experience. Make him cookies, write him a note, give him a small gift, something spontaneous.
    -Speaking of which, be spontaneous. Don't spend time thinking about exactly how you're going to make out with him. Just go with it.
    -Chocolate and strawberries...yum.
    -A word on lip gloss and chapstick: where it makes your lips really pretty, it's not too fun to kiss. (Waxy lips=yucky) So you may want to use it sparingly so it dries before you kiss...
    -Don't say anything to him about your ex's and other people you kissed. "You kiss differently then Bubba-Ray" may be taken as "He was better then you." Even saying "You're better then ___" could be bad if he thinks you have feelings for said person...if you're going to compliment him, just say "You're a good kisser." Don't mention anyone else...
    -Don't start with the tongue right away, start with nice little sweet kisses, and work your way up.
    -Remember, he has his pace he wants to go at, too. Don't rush him if he's not ready.
    -Backrubs-always fun. Ask for one and see where it goes....
    -Tease him. Put a candy in your mouth, a hard candy or something, like a Jolly Rancher and put it between your lips and say "if you want it, you gotta get it yourself".
    -Sit on his lap, with your legs parted on each side of him and go up real close to him, guys love it just as much as we do when the guy jumps on top of us =)
    -Whisper in his ear, right against his ear, so when you speak your lips tickle his ear.
    -Be gentle.
    -Guide his hands to where you want them to be. He is probably scared that you'll get freaked out, but he definitley wants to.
    -If he asks you if he can do something, just giggle, blush and say "maybe" and kiss him. And if he doesn't get the hint that you were saying yes, start him off. ie) move his hands to wear he wanted to touch, kiss him where he wanted to kiss you, etc.
    -Be spontaneous. Break out of your norm. Have you always told yourself that you'd never kiss on the first date? Try it. It's not lowering your standards or being "slutty" if you are comfortable. If you get butterflies before being spontaneous, that's ok. If you are seriously getting sick at the thought of being spontaneous though, don't go through with it. You heart is telling you that it's not the right time to try something new.
    -Don't be pressured into anything that you don't want to do. You're not making out for your friends, for his friends or for your reputation. You should kiss someone for yourself. At times the peer pressure can get unbearable (especially from his eager friends who want to hook their friend up!), but never lose sight of what your willing to do and what you don't want to do. If you stick to your morals, you'll feel so much better the next morning.
    -dont go right into kissing on ur first date, unless he makes the move first cause he'll think ur a wh.ore ( yah its dumb but its happened to me )
    -and move ur tounge around cause if you mak eit stiff its really, idk he'll hate kissing you

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    SquishyHomie Guest
    - give urself lots of time, dont rush
    - wear pants not a short skirt unless your ready to go farther
    - wear lipstick with a flavor (i had chocolate once!)
    - touch his hand nothing else at first
    - kiss his neck
    - dont let him touch him you know where until he cant stand it
    - vary it, kiss him soft, then hard then soft
    - if he leans forward, lean back. gets you both lying down!
    - play with his underwear waistband!
    - touch HIS nipples
    - smile at him but dont laugh
    - NO PETS in the room!
    - turn off your cell
    - wash your hair and condition it right before
    - breathmints right before
    - take a bubblebath with perfumed lotion before the date
    - CLEAN UNDIES if you go that far
    - turn off all the lights, its better
    - its sounds silly, but sexy colored undies. boys hate granny panties
    - DO NOT criticize him. pretend everything he does is right and it will be!
    - dont be afraid to get wet, but DONT SLOBBER
    - lock the door (important)
    -don't be too tense, just try and relax
    -the worst kisser i have ever encountered used waaaay too much tongue -and didnt know what he was doing with it
    -tarkas motto - if in doubt, leave the tongue out!
    -dont leave your hands just by your sides, hold his hands, put them -round his waist or round the back of his neck
    -slow kisses are best
    -start off with just a few slightly open-mouthed kisses
    -then just gently and slowly lick the other persons tongue with yours
    -its hard to explain...it kinda just comes naturally once you start to get into it
    -stop wandering hands if you dont want them to wander
    -if you want to kiss him, kiss him.
    -if you dont want to kiss him, dont.
    -if he kisses you and you werent expecting it, kiss him back, you might like it.
    -if you didnt want him to kiss you, slap him.
    -if he gets mad, slap him harder. he deserves it.
    -dont sit there thinking "oh my goodness, i'm doing thing wrong," cause you probably are. hah, just kidding..but dont do that to yourself, you're just making yourself tense and the kiss wont be as memorable, for you or your partner
    -dont be afraid to experiment--try kissing his neck or sucking on his lip...if he doesnt seem to like it, then dont do it anymore.
    -kiss him the way you want to be kissed--if you dont want to be attacked by his tongue, just stop using yours..he'll get the idea
    -practice makes perfect. not everyone is born with the kissing talent, some have to be taught. if the first kiss isnt great, which in most cases it isnt, try again.
    -you have to kiss a lot of toads to find your prince. i went through 24 toads before i found my prince, so dont think the first guy you kiss is your soul mate, he probably isnt.
    -HAVE FUN.
    -be safe
    -Turn OFF the TV. No, not cause the guy will be watching it over your shoulder.. Cause you might start watching it over his. Trust me, I've done it before.
    -Floors are so much better than couches.
    -Run your fingers along his back bone and along his neck.
    -Best way to make out ever: You and him play wrestling and he "pins" you to the floor and your faces are so close you can't help but to kiss eachother.
    -Allergies. If they're allergic to any food, make sure you don't eat it for quite a long time before going to make out with them. I'm allergic to some stuff, and if I kissed someone who ate it recently, I'd puff up like a balloon. Calling 911 is one hell of a mood killer.
    -if you do anything stupid don't be embarssed just giggle and smile and go back to it
    - have good breath
    - remember to breathe
    - rub his arms, neck, back.. between the legs is nice too 0_o..
    - not just toung, different kisses
    - dont attack him, start off slow, and let it build up into something crazy
    - nibble his ear/lip
    - if you giggle, dont giggle too much, keep it minumal
    - whisper sweet things in his ear
    - kiss his neck/face aswell
    - dont be afraid to tell him to stop. if you're not comfortable then you shouldnt do it
    -relax, there's nothing worse than kissing a guy/girl who is all tense, relax
    - try thinking about something simple, or nothing at all
    - have fun with it
    - never ask yourself wether you're good at kissing or not while you're making out
    - dont be afraid to touch him (but if he says no, then dont)
    - only do things to him that you want him to do you you
    - guide his hands to where you want them on you
    - make sure nobody will inturupt your make out session
    - dont make out in front of a bunch of people (that's just so kinky)
    - like i said before, dont be afraid to say no, and have fun, and that's all you gotta do
    -Hold his face/hair: don't let your hands wander to far, unless you want to set the "sex" impression
    -tilt your head about 30 degrees to the left... perfect angle
    -Tongue=fun, but if your not ready, try small open-mouth-no-tongue-kisses. Adorable and romantic.
    -Wait for the right moment... Whenever he looks deeply into your eyes is probably the right moment...
    - Make sure your hair's not in the way. A mouth full of hair is just... very distracting
    - No weird background sound/music like Spongebob Squarepants or Atomic Kittens... not tht it matters though
    - if it gets dry, drink water or lick ur lips
    - eskimo kisses are so darn friggin cute! (nosy nosy)
    - ears are nice to touch
    - nibbles are fun but surprising so, don't do it too often
    - only half of the tongue is needed. dun wanna choke.
    - sucking on the bottom lip or the upper lip is neat
    - guess wht? it's possible to kiss with glasses on
    - spiderman's upside down kiss is very hot
    - having ur a$$ held and lightly touched feels quite good
    - whoever's on top or bottom it doesn't matter. personally, I like being at the bottom cuz tht way my hair doesn't get in the way but he likes me on top...
    - you don't have to keep ur eyes shut all the time... they can be closed sometimes... opened at times or slightly opened...
    -just play it cool and go with the flow.
    -and dont choke him with your tounge go light if it`s your first time or you just started dating.
    -Dont be aggresive eathier there still ppl to you know!
    -WEAR FLAVOURED LIPGLOSS!!! They love it!! And like, if you're straddling him, DON'T put your weight on him...it hurts them. Thats all i can say....and DONT just liek jam your tongue in their mouth. and dont close your mouth if his tongue is still in there. He WILL yell!!!!
    -Move his hands where you want them. He'll want to move faster than you, but won't want to rush you, so letting him know how far you'll go is a good start. Put your hands up the back of his shirt and move them around, it's a good way to feel intimate w/o being intimate. Vary pressure, but don't go too hard or soft as to keep it interesting. If he does something you don't like, pull back gently and start again, if he still does it, pull back until he gets the hint. Moan a little bit, but only after you've been making out for a while. It'll turn both of you on.
    -Watch out for hickeys. They feel good at the time, but afterward, they're hard to cover with makeup (especially if you're pale, like me) and they hurt. I had two on my neck and was sore for a week.
    -If you don't want to worry about hiding things, just say "Don't leave a mark" and "I don't want a hickey" or something, or if you're going farther, tell him to put them where they're easy to hide....
    -Bite. Bite. Bite. (This is my new obsession)
    -If you want to show you want to make out, lean over when you're cuddling and bite him somewhere. (Doesn't really matter where-ear, neck, shoulder...he bit my thigh the other day spontaneously)
    -Be spontaneous and unpredictable so he's always guessing what you'll do next.
    -Moisturize not only your hands, but back, shoulders, and stomach. Soft skin=yummy.
    -To get him to:
    Bite him.
    Start kissing him.
    Kiss his neck and lead up to his mouth.
    Need anymore? Just start kissing, and let it go from there...
    Anywhere you're comfortable with. Bedroom, car, floor-just make sure you won't offend anybody.
    -If it is your first kiss... dont be worried, you might be scared, but it really isnt bad at all after you do it. JUST DO IT, don hesitate
    -give him/her a look in the eye that shows something other than make it a romantic look, or a sexy look, that is definetly an attraction for a guy.
    -Dont have bad breath, big turnoff.
    -Use your tounge, but not constantly, and makesure that when you are using your tounge that you are not chewing his face off lol
    -get some really shiney lip gloss stuff, that is really hot and attractive.
    -start gettting really repetitive, saying stuff over and over. but in a quiet way, so it is sexy like...."you're cute, you're cute, you're cute" then slowly go in.
    -or if that doesnt work, just Jump on him and start kissing, grab his hand and put it on your butt.
    -Run your hands through his hair, guys love that!
    -I belive that making out shoud come natural... whether he comes over or you go to his house you two should feel comfortable with each other. There is nothing sexier than a woman who feels comfortable, because it shows in the way she walks, talks and acts. If you are uncomfortable, you won't enjoy yourself AT ALL!!
    -Another thing... don't go over there expecting to "get some" from him...whether it is just making out or sex. He has already decided whether or now he wants to kiss you and touch you before you even got there. There is nothing that you can do to change that. If he has already decided that he is not into you like that, you can't change that. The only thing you can do is... if he decided that he wants to make out with you and you do something totally stupid or say something totally stupid, you could change and make him decide not to.

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    SquishyHomie Guest
    -Have confidence!!... if you go into the date thinking that he doesn't really like you and you have no chance with him... he will get that vibe and he will be more likely to say no in the future!
    -make the alphabet with ur tongue.
    -whisper sweet nuthens to him
    -like, breathing for eachother. you breath in from your nose, then you breath into his mouth and then he does the same..it's really cool if you do it for a while, cause you actually like, pump eachothers lungs
    -we'll be kissing, and then out of nowhere, he'll start tickling me and looking for my most ticklish places (good opertunity for a cheap grab...haha) and then i'll start laughing like an idiot, and then search for his ticklish spots...very fun
    -mmm.. biting is goood, especially the ears.. yeah, just like someone else said, we'll just be sitting there, and he'll bite me... in like, random places too, it really wakes you up!
    -we always joke around and stuff..like 'OMG! A BOOB! hahah' and stuff... tease eachother and whatnot... but i guess thats only if your playful people... makes it fun and right in the middle of making out, he'll make fun of me or say something cheesy and then the only way to get him to shut up is to try and kiss him and then he is still trying to talk and it's like a kissing fight...fun
    -whenever i put flavored lipgloss on, he says i taste 'yummy' and then wants more, and it was the same with my last boyfriend, so yummy delicious lipbalm is good
    -If you attack him spontaneously and start biting him or whatever, he really likes it.
    -Don't think so hard, just go with the flow.
    -If you wear perfume/cologne, only wear a little, so he can only smell it when he's really, really close.
    -in order to set the moment: when either of you says or does anything sweet, hug him, then GENTLY slide your hands down his arms until you are only connected by eachother's fingertips. then give him your sweetest smile. irresistable!
    -do NOT be afraid of "doing it right". if he is a good guy, he will be just as nervous if not more than you are, and so glad to be accepted by you that he won't care.
    -don't overpower him or move too fast. for example, if it's the first time, you might not want to start by getting on top of him. you want to make each moment mean something to each of you, not with one person being afraid of the other.
    -don't sneeze while making out...turn around, it may ruin the moment but its better than having it go everywhere on him.
    -don't cough..same concept as sneezing lol
    -don't shove your tounge down their throat...it kinda ruins the moment when all of a sudden its *cough*cough*gag*choke*...
    -chapstick beforehand if you think it'll happen, if you dont have chapstick present lick your lips really quick.
    -When you first start making out kiss everywhere but his lips like his neck and around his face, it makes him excited and gets blood flowing to the lips so that when you do finally kiss him on the lips their more sensitive.
    -Start with a little pop kiss, and use your toungue to open his lips*
    (IMPORTANT: if you are trying to open his lips and he's tightening them... he might not wanna make out with you!)
    -CLOSE YOUR EYE'S: it's not romantic to stare at your boy toy it shows NO affection!!
    -Once the two of you really get into it, try touching bodyparts, hold onto him, Rub his back, Touch his (well you know what!), and rub his thigh's
    -when you feel out of breath, take your lips away and just lean your head on his shoulder and whisper "That was hot" in his ear and then nibble on his ear! (that alway's get's my guy in the mood!!!)
    -don't start off right away using your toungue, work your way up to it. that way you're more into the rythym of the kiss and neither of you ends up shoving their toungue down the other's throat.
    -run your fingertips over the back of his neck and on his shoulder blades
    -let him feel like he's holding you and let him pull you into him. it gives you such a sweet feeling that he's protecting you from the whole world in that kiss
    -when you're making out and you want to stop/slow it down, move your head away from him, stare and smile at him for a second and give him 2 or 3 firm kisses on the mouth (without tongues), then you can either continue making out or slow it down even more (if you want to end the make out session). Also, be careful with the perfume, I once sprayed some on my neck and the guy started licking/kissing me on the neck. The result? A nasty bitter taste for the next few minutes, eww...
    -pull her to you, tilt her head back, and kiss her with your hand on her face
    -DON'T spend the entire time trying to feel her boobs.
    -don't go too aggressive and try to shove your toungue down a girl's throat, it makes you seem over-eager, and just plain disgusting. take your time, and work up to stronger kisses slowly, it helps you enjoy the beauty of the kiss.
    -kiss her neck. i know guys love when girls do that to them, but girls love it too, it drives them just as wild.
    -a little tip: don't have her on your lap while your making out if your on the verge of, say, "getting one". trust me, lol, it is not a pretty experience and will embarrass the crap out of you.
    -toungue/mouth: do not start by shoving your toungue down his throat... just slide your toungue into his mouth gently, and let yourself go with the rythym. and keep in mind that you should close your mouth every few seconds or so, but don't clamp it shut all the way, or else he'll question if it's the end or not.
    -other places: kiss him all over his face and neck etc. start kissing him at his shoulder, and work your way SLOWLY up across his neck to his ear and then to his mouth. if you hear him intake breath quickly or let out a muffled murmur, give yourself bonus points lol
    -hands: if you're like sitting or something and you want to get lieing down or just get him nearer to you, grab him around his waste or shoulder blades and pull him closer to you. run your fingers through his hair, along the sides of his cheeks, down the base of his neck, etc. what really gets my guy is when you run your hand from the back of his neck all the way down his spine and back again in one movement, tracing your fingers along his back. if you're on top of him lieing down, run your hands down along his sides or chest.
    -general: remember to CLOSE YOUR EYES!!! any guy will be just a bit freaked out if he sees you watching him the whole time.
    -if you want to be cute, if he's kissing you alot, one after the other, don't even bother to open your eyes between two kisses. instead, after the first kiss, keep your eyes closed, let a smile play along your lips, and pull him in closer.
    -Run your finger tips along his lips...its almost automatic that he will part his lips a bit..and in order to lightly touch his lips with your fingers..you have to be close..
    -lick and nibble around his ear..its usually pretty sensitive!!
    -put your head on his shoulder..or else press your foreheads together..if your lips are that close...chances are your lips will lock..
    -If you kiss his neck or collarbone...Bonus!!Umm when kissing his neck/collarbone..let your tongue slip out and run along every once in a while..
    -Run your nails along his sides...ribs or back..
    -Hair pulling. This is a tricky one. Ask him before you rip a chunk out.
    -Running your fingernails down his back. Scratching, etc. My guy likes it when I "leave a mark" haha.
    -Biting. Almost anywhere, except the obvious places you should never bite, haha. Neck works every time.
    -Being dominant. Pinning him down, being agressive. Guys usually love being taken control of.
    -Alright...when you're moving your hands wherever, use varying pressure. It works.
    -hug him, then when you're pulling away, slide your arms down his until you're only connected to eachother's fingertips. flash your sweetest smile.
    -i'll start kissing his neck in the middle of one of his random sentences, and he'll start squirming and his words will go all screwy and then finally he'll just be like "oh whatever" and give in and kiss me.
    -eat starburst or another fruity candy before you make out and you'll end up tasting like yummy candy, its the best.
    -Look him in the eyes after you kissed him the first time he wont be able to resist kissing you after that

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    SquishyHomie Guest
    -Make sure your breath doasnt smell bad!! Either mints or dont eat any onion bargee's (sp?)
    -Dont use the washing machine technique not a good look!
    -close your eyes focus on him/her
    -Bit his lower lip well not bite it nibble gently
    -run your hand/s through his hair
    -Jus relax
    -make sure your lips arnt chapped use vaseline or lip balm!!
    -use your hands to stroke through his/her hair.
    -massage his head. Varying pressure. It feels really nice. Be careful not to mess up his hair too much though =p
    -I run my hands through his hair, and when he does something I like, I press into him.
    Thing i do that he loves....
    -When i rub his back or the back of his neck
    -When i straddle him and press my crotch against his
    -When i suck on his bottom lip <- absolutely drives him crazy!
    -When i 'dominate' him like push him up against somethin and start making out
    -When i nibble/lick his ear
    -When i kiss that spot right below his ear but behind the jawline
    -When i make little circles around his tongue with my tongue
    -When i'm laying on top of him

    Things he does that i love...
    -When he moans/breathes heavy when i do something he likes (that turns me on so much!)
    -When he holds me really close
    -When I'm straddling him and he puts his hands on my butt and presses me up against him
    -When he rubs me legs and lower back
    -When he kisses my neck and works his way up to my mouth
    -When he moves my hair off of my face (its just so sweet)
    -When he puts his hand on the back of my head while we're making out
    Other Tips
    -Everbody says this but it really does come naturally to you, just dont be nervous because when you are your partner can tell so just dont worry about it and you'll be fine! (Trust me on this one because my very first kiss, i was really nervous and afraid i was gonna be bad so i was too busy thinking about that to really get into it. Then my second kiss i wasnt near as nervous and it was great and my boyfriend kept complimenting me... he was like have you been practicing or something because you've gotten soo much better... its all about bein confident in yourself!)
    -Try to keep your hair outta your face... its not pleasant to make out with a mouthful of hair
    -Make sure he knows what your limits are and only go as far as your comfortable with, if you have doubts just dont do it!
    -Make sure you're somewhere where you wont be interupted and there isnt anybody around
    -If you want to wear lipgloss, make sure that the flavor is good tasting or tasteless and not to waxy... its also best not to wear lip stick unless your guy doesnt mind it gettin all over him...

  5. #5
    SquishyHomie Guest
    B to the UMP.

  6. #6
    beauty♥ Guest
    someone should sticky this.. since the other ones got deleted.

  7. #7
    plastic_hearts Guest
    yeah, so this should definately be stickied.

  8. #8
    kiss me xoxoxo Guest
    -dont do it cause you feel presserued (sp?) ie-he/she is making you or all your friends are doing it
    -get to know the persom your gona make out with -just trust me on this one-
    -if you makeout wit some one dont feel like you have to do anything else or that it means your dating
    -do kiss someone and brag about it people will change the story and start nasty roumors keep it to yourself or 1-2 CLOSE friends

  9. #9
    chocoloco Guest
    Just because there's been so many similar questions, I found and decided to bump this thread because it's fun-filled and we should keep it going. So add on girlies/the occasional guy.

  10. #10
    WarInYourBedroom Guest
    a lot of you seem to have questions about making out, so I'm bumping this for you!

  11. #11
    xox-kiss me Guest
    -Try sucking on his tongue---works really well for me!
    -Put a chocolate Kiss between your lips, and kiss him

  12. #12
    ladylashes Guest
    yeah, this really needs to be bumped

  13. #13
    Midnight Fantasy Guest
    One word- STICKY!

  14. #14
    LivinInACoconut Guest
    - If you're drunk, ease up on the tongue. I tend to have that problem, at least last night according to Guy.

  15. #15
    Guerrilla Funk Guest
    - About 9/10 guys love being bitten (I had the pelasure of researching this myself)
    - When you're making out with a new guy for the first time and you do want to bite, do it gently at first, to see if he digs it. You could even just start with gently sucking his lips and moving from there.
    - He loves you touching his hair or back, arms, legs
    - For some guys the neck is near-orgasmic, for some it just feels pleasant. Find out, and then act accordingly.
    - If his neck is a YES-spot, don't just go slobbering all over it. Make it feel like something, not just warmth. Suck or bite, gently trail a few kisses or nibble.
    - Some guys are EAR-guys, find this out too, and then gently nibble his lobe or something. It can be pretty sore if you get carried away and bite it REALLY hard.
    - Keep things light and playful
    - Get rid of pets, yeah
    - If you can, get rid of parents and siblings too.
    - Smell delicious, and if you plan on seeing him again smell the same. He'll start to associate that smell with you and get yummy every time he smells it. Pavlov, anybody?
    - I'll think some more.


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