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    The Official "How To Get Over Him" Thread

    Post away. How you got over break ups. Ridiculous things that help. Tips. Tears. Laughter. Pain. Songs. Quotes. Stories.

    POSTTTTT. I need this.
    I don't have a choice but I still choose you.

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    LiStEn2Ur<3 Guest
    first things first; I eat a pint of Ben & Jerry's Half Baked. (Half Chocolate Brownie Batter, Half Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. now THATS godly.)

    then, I write down EVERYTHING that I hated about him, every little thing that he did that upset. Then I write down a zillion good qualities about myself just to show myself that he doesn't deserve me.

    next, i eat another pint of Ben & Jerry's, except its Phish Food this time. (Chocolate ice cream, caramel swirls, marshmallowiness, and fudge fishies. its amazing<3)

    then i watch play vicious video games, like grand theft auto, just to make myself feel better.

    i will then consume, yet ANOTHER pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream, Vermonty Python this time. (coffee liquer ice cream, chunks of cookie, and fudge cows. This is more godly than the Half Baked!!!)

    I focus on my future, what I can do to make it better, and show myself how much he was weighing me down...

    and then.. yet, ANOTHER pint of Ben & Jerry's... You get the idea.

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    Dinorawr. Guest
    Don't sit around at home. Go out even if you have to force yourself. Don't hang out with him even if he pulls the 'lets be friends' line. Cut off contact, for awhile, even after you think your over him. Delete his sn, phone number, throw away or hide everything that reminds you of him.

    Ice cream and lots of it.

    Make a playlist of songs you can listen to and sing, I did, and looking back and listening to those songs make me feel so happy that I'm over him.

    Have a girls day out. No one can bring their boyfriends or other guys. Go shopping, out to dinner, keep your mind off him! He shouldn't be there in the first place

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    debercl Guest
    even if i get real serious if we break up im like what ev and then were just friends unless it takes until they break up with me to realize they were just a big der( can't use the word i want to use... mom's around) lol

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    I have to go through three phases:

    Phase I:
    Eat ice cream.
    Listen to "Caught Out There" by Kelis.
    Hang out with female friends, party, etc.
    Play video games that involve killing something or someone.

    Phase II:
    Cry again.
    Eat more ice cream.
    Listen to some poppy breakup song, i.e. "No Air", "We Belong Together", you get the point.
    Complain to everyone you know about how much you hate him but yet you would give anything to get back with him, but you don't have the balls to go back.
    Come to peace with your ex in your mind.

    Phase III:
    Realize that crying and bitching about some loser who's probably moved on to banging some random slut is dumb.
    Start working out a bit more to lose some weight you gained by eating ice cream all the time.
    Return to normal society.

    That can take anywhere from a few days to a few months, depending on how much you put into the relationship.
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    Talk about it to someone. Let it all outtt. Cry. Don't let your emotions get bottled up.

    Then, list the stuff you hated about that person. Tell yourself that you deserve better.
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    I broke up with my boyfriend about a week ago, and I initially thought that I was immediately over him - because he had been a crappy boyfriend and I didn't even cry afterwards - but now my heart just leaps whenever he comes online. D: DAMMIT.
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    Passions Guest
    Listen to Fuck it by Eamon.

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    crazycool14 Guest
    i compulsively exercise. If i go fast enough,hit hard enough, etc then its all fine for awhile. It helps me clear my head.

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    pinky16 Guest
    Get all your emotions out. It's ok to be sad or angry. Talk to anyone who will listen, until you get sick of talking about it. Cry until you're sick of crying about it. Eat ice cream until you're sick of eating ice cream.

    Actually, I'd rather skip the ice cream. Which brings me to the next phase...Start feeling good about yourself again. Work out. Go shopping. Get some new clothes or new make-up or a new hairstyle. Be confident and happy, even if you have to fake it for a while.

    But really, time heals all wounds. It's the only thing that will really help you get over someone. Time and NOOOO CONTACT with him!

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    die ana Guest
    i'd advise against the ice cream and comfort food- that's not productive. working out, shopping for new clothes, nights/days out with the girls/ a close friend, venting, and listening to good music are just some of the things that will actually benefit you.

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    MidnightShadow Guest
    Cry alot, get all the emotions out, if youre sad cry, if youre angry hit something like a punch bag or whatever
    talk to someone about it, complain, moan, maybe even cry some more with a friend
    then when all of its out, get out yourself
    go out hang out with your friends, work out, maybe even join a club. keep yourself busy to keep him out of your mind
    then make yourself feel better, show yourself that youre worth something and deserve more, pamper yourself or have a girls night in with some mates and pamper each other, give yourself a mini makeover and boost your confidence again
    have fun

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    krayola33 Guest
    ...what if no one was dumped, per say? What if the break up was mutual because of long distance, but there's still love, and it still hurts? Then I have no idea what to do. Especially if your bf was your bff, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by krayola33 View Post
    ...what if no one was dumped, per say? What if the break up was mutual because of long distance, but there's still love, and it still hurts? Then I have no idea what to do. Especially if your bf was your bff, too.
    Write out your feelings. Write the good, and the bad if there is enough. You can cry, and hurt. You might blame yourself, you might blame him. Realize why it didn't work, and learn from it, and then live it. If staying in touch is at all possible, make that work.

    I know what that feels like, losing your bff and bf at the same time.
    I don't have a choice but I still choose you.

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    Risen Angel Guest
    This is how I get over a guy it may not be easy but it works wonders.

    1. don't call him, e-mail, or im him for a while...If you need to delete him from your contact sheets.

    2. put away things like pictures or gifts that he gave you or anything of his (you don't have to get rid of them its just to get him off your mind)

    3. busy yourself with friends and family (the less likely you are to think about him)

    4. write in a journal to get your feelings out

    In time after your feelings for him fizzle out if you'd like to stay friends then stay friends.


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