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    Quote Originally Posted by Creamsicle View Post
    Nova Scotia, Canada.
    ummm, I guess ppl think my town/Canada in general is obsessed with hockey, this is true. I'm actually from Sydney Crosby's hometown.

    Also, is anyone here from Peterborough, or Waterloo, or Kingston, ON? I'm debating which of these cities to go to school in. JW which is the best
    I live an hour away from Peterborough. Don't go to school there. Go to Waterloo or Kingston. Peterborough is nice and all, but it is really small. Unless you want a small town. It isn't a college/university city like Kingston and Waterloo are.

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    I'm originally from Kansas. We don't all live on farms & we don't have tornadoes every 5 seconds.
    & the cares of tomorrow can wait 'til this day is done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RottenVixen View Post
    Seriously?! I live in Austin Yay!
    Yeah! Austin is the greatest place in Texas. I'm thinking of going to college there!

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    RottenVixen Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by KickButtRocker View Post
    Yeah! Austin is the greatest place in Texas. I'm thinking of going to college there!
    Seriously haha. I wouldn't want to leave this place.
    Really?! YAY! Are you thinking about going to UT? I think you should, haha...not to be biased or anything since I go there

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    I live in a small city in the Los Angeles, CA.

    LA stereotypes.. I think we already know them. But its really not true in my city because its like a little bubble here.

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    PerfectChaos Guest
    Devon in England.
    Apparently we all speak like farmers, eat custard and drink cider Hahaha

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    lilxmissxliz <3 Guest
    sydney, australia
    1. theres random wildlife (ie kangaroos) in our backyard which we even use to drive to school/uni --> FALSE

    2. we all speak like steve irwin or kath and kim --> FALSE
    3. its sunny all the time. lol atm im freezing my fingers off :P

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    Bitter Candy Guest
    I'm half Swiss half filippina, grew up in Thailand and am now studying in Geneva, Switzerland.
    Stereotype: Thai teenagers like to dress emo. Nearly all thai teenagers dress emo.

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    xXMoominXx Guest
    Edinburgh, Scotland.

    Eat haggis all the time - Um, ew.

    Wear kilts - Most men do for weddings

    Drunkards - The old timers are and ofcourse the clubbers but thats everywhere.

    Incoherant accents - Edinburgh people have very mild accents

    Bagpipes - For the tourists or some sort of ceremony things

    Bad weather - hellz yes

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    Sharpie Guest
    Ratcliff, Ar.
    Population 150
    Go south!

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    I'm from Jamaica and we don't all talk like the people in the movies,have dreadlocks,are violent OR do drugs...
    One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor.

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    MajorLeagueBaseball Guest
    notheastern Pennsylania. Common stereotypes I've heard:
    - "Alabama of the North"/Pennsyltucky (depends on where you go; people around me drive around with confederate flags on their Ford F-150s but not in most of the cities)
    - "wudder" instead of "water" (Philadelphia area and suburbs, not where I live)
    - we don't use electricity (that's only the Amish lol)
    - lots of Amish (totally true)
    - mostly farmland (that or forests)

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    chile Guest
    the pacific northwest... outdoorsie, crunchy granola eating, environmentally friendly, salmon munching... all of which are true for me and basically everyone in my family.

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    Bologna, Italy

    Basically, we're all communists/students/both

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    Alberta Canada.

    Everyone thinks we are canadas texas lol. Its true for most in the country - the cities not so much. Except for the month of july!
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