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    Where in the world are you from?

    Sorry that there are 23423423 threads on this but I don't feel like looking for an old one. Sooo where are you from? country/ State/ province/ whatever. And tell me a stereotype people have of your area and if it's true. go!

    NJ for me

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    onewish-ox Guest
    quebec, canada.

    we're known as frenchies.
    and when people see that i speak such good english without a french accent they act all surprised. like no one speaks english around here -_- . kinda annoying haha.

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    .Glitter&Grease. Guest
    Louisiana, US.

    and no, we don't talk like the people in movies that take place in louisiana/anywhere in the south.

    edit: most people don't have swamps in their back yard.

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    Belinda Guest

    & yeah, we're not drunk all the time, contrary to popular belief.
    Oh, we're not leprechans either.


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    RunningFree Guest

    And stereotype? I don't know.

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    Kowalski Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by RunningFree View Post

    And stereotype? I don't know.
    What part of California are you from?

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