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    How do you feel when your boyfriend cries?

    Do you think he should be stronger?
    Do you like that he can open up to you like that?

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    cumberbatch Guest
    It's touching, in a way. I definitely love that he can be that open around me.

    The only time I've seen him cry, though, is right after we got back together. I was still pretty hurt that he broke up with me, and he started crying because he'd never wanted to hurt me and felt terrible about it all. It was just so sad to see him crying, but we definitely needed that moment.

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    Dnomla Allinav Guest
    Boys crying is pretty much my weakness. My ex was an emotional bag of tears and while it got a little bit pathetic at how much he cried, it still made me melt every single time.

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    BehindTheLies Guest
    It's really one of those type of things, that just gets me everytime. I hate it, and it always make me feel bad. So yeaaa that's not something i deal with very well, but it's sweet.

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    My current boyfriend has never cried about anything about our relationship, but he cries when he watches movies and Extreme Makeover Home Edition ahah. It's cute when he does and it makes me happy that he isn't a robot. I'm attracted to him in those moments because it makes me feel like he would be really good dad. Even though I don't want kids. I know he would be. If he cried about something I did or anything to do with our relationship I would die. My ex boyfriend used to cry when we fought and it hurt my feelings so much. It felt terrible and made me automatically hug him, even if the fight was his fault. It's too sad.

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    How do you feel when your boyfriend cries?
    Depends on the situation. But usually its never good, cause he doesnt cry, like ever. So, I usually get all sad with him.

    Do you think he should be stronger?
    He has a right to cry if he needs too. That doesnt make him any weaker. Crying can actually help, releases stresss.

    Do you like that he can open up to you like that?
    I like that hes comfortable enough around me to cry, when he doesnt do that around anyone else. Reminds me how much he loves and trusts me.
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    Beautiful♫Music Guest
    at the beginning of the relationship, i thought it was very touching seeing him cry. but after a year of seeing him cry multiple times, it's not as sweet anymore.

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    i HATE it when he cries when he's drunk and i'm sober because i know everything he spills out to me, he won't remember in the morning. if he cries when we're both sober then i try to comfort him and i don't mind it because i know that he's hurt.
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    i find a lot of honesty in the fact that Spencer has cried in front of me. It shows that he can open up to me, and shows that he actually cares about the reasons he was crying for. I find it kinda sweet. Theres no reason why guys should be "tough enough not to cry"

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    Coleta Guest
    My boyfriend has never really cried in front of me. But one time I called him, and he started talking about all this crap that had happened to him that day, and about a lot of things that he had been feeling guilty about for a long time. And I could tell that he was trying really hard not to cry in front of me.

    It doesn't bother me. If anything, it just makes me want to comfort him. I figure that if I started crying in front of him, then I'd want him to try and comfort me, not think that I was being weak or silly. So I treat him with that same respect. He's opening up his raw feelings to you, so you should respect it. That's how I feel :]

    I also felt honored that he opened himself up like that to me. I felt like he was taking a chance wearing his emotions on his sleeve like that, so I think it strengthened out relationship.

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    fizzlefuzz Guest
    when I did have a boyfriend.. it made me feel special that he could open up and cry in front of me.. I really didn't believe he needed to man up because he is man enough. I felt like a wrenching at my heart, wanting to be there and comfort him. I have emotional problems myself and he has seen me cry many times before and many times after... I only seen him cry 2 times.

    My first love cried in front of me and that was the day I knew I truly loved him. He let me hold him and wipe his tears, he was also my best friend. I will never in a million years hold it against a guy to cry, they are human too.

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    Jheart101 Guest
    And he started crying because he'd never wanted to hurt me and felt terrible about it all. It was just so sad to see him crying, but we definitely needed that moment.

    that's EXACTLY what my ex cried over about!

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    My boyfriend rarely cries. And when he does its usually because im hurt or were having major problems. If he cried all the time it would piss me off, but sometimes is okay.
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    I don't have a boyfriend but if i see someone i truly care about crying, it's going to hurt me and make me feel terrible. It isn't cute when someone cries unless it's crying from happiness, not crying from hurt. I can't physically understand why some people like to see there loved ones cry lol.
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    RainbowVeins Guest
    I don't have a boyfriend, but I think if I did it wouldn't make me think he wasn't "strong" or "manly" if he did cry. I mean, I think I would start to think it was weird if he cried like everyday over the tiniest thing - even I don't do that. I think it would just make me want to comfort him in any way I could. Just hug him and hold him and make him feel better. I think it would break my heart though, especially because most guys don't cry very easily.


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