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    Jaide Guest
    These are my best songs that I bike/walk to haha

    Pill Popping Animal- Lil Wayne
    Im me-Lil Wayne
    Dream on-Aerosmith
    Rag Doll-Aerosmith
    Rebel Yell-Billy Idol
    Gangstas paradise-Coolio (lol)
    Come on Eileen-Dexy's Midnight Runners
    Till I Collapse-Eminem
    Do you Know-Enrique Iglesias
    Sweet Dreams-Eurythmics
    In the Ayer-Flow Rider
    Pump that Bass-Lil Wayne
    I shake I move-LMFAO
    She Wants to Move (DFA remix)-N.E.R.D.
    Last Resort-Papa Roach
    Whatever you Like-T.I.

    Quite a variation between rock, hip hop, oldies, etc haha but yeah these are my moving fast songs. lol

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    I find those songs that are fast-paced and easy to sing along good to workout to, like "Hot n Cold" by Katy Perry and "I Do Not Hook Up" by Kelly Clarkson.
    Also, "Ghetto Musick" by Outkast gets me pumped.
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    mathmusiclove Guest
    cash cash -radio

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    **[[Party.Like.A.Penguin]]** Guest
    Fire Burning~ Sean Kingston
    So What ~ P!nk
    Hot n' Cold~ Katy Perry
    Starstruck~ Lady GaGa
    Just Dance~ Lady GaGa
    LoveGame~ Lady GaGa
    Poker Face~ Lady GaGa
    Goodbye~ Kristina Debarge
    Starstrukk~ 3OH!3
    Don't Trust Me~ 3OH!3
    Simple Plan
    Fall Out Boy
    Alkaline Trio
    Spill Canvas
    Other dumb, catchy Pop songs

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    Frivolous Affairs Guest
    i like kick-ass songs, things that make you wanna start a riot. these are 2 of my all time faves


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    SamanthaB Guest
    Oh my... I just downloaded a few new ones this morning - Replay by Sean Kingston is my current fave. I also just found this list of workout playlists at Fitness - I like it b/c it includes old and new songs...and with 100 songs, you'll never know what's coming next


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    Ignorance - Paramore
    & the cares of tomorrow can wait 'til this day is done.

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    & the cares of tomorrow can wait 'til this day is done.

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    Musicals4Eva! Guest
    Contagious- BoysLikeGirls (most of their stuff is fun and fast paced- especially their newest album)
    The Curse of Curves- Cute is What We Aim For (I like to IMAGINE that I have the curse of curves when I work out... So I can imagine how hott I'll be if I keep going!)
    Goodnight and Go- Imogen Heap (my friend showed me this one, and while it's not super fast at first, but it speeds up. It's for all us girls who have that special someone they want to have in their lives... You know, THAT one person who lights up your life?)
    Hold On- Jonas Brothers (cuz it's fun and fast)
    That Just the Way We Roll- Also Jonas Brothers. (It's a silly song, so you can dance like an idiot for cardio and not feel weird.)
    What Did I Do To Your Heart- Jonas Brothers (warning- a bit of a country feel. But it's fun and fast- I always think of it as dedicated to the people we thought we liked- but they turn out to be really mean... It's like their trying to get you back and the only thing that goes through your mind is You lost your chance, now drop it!)
    Video Girl- Jonas Brothers (for us who REALLY dislike the famous girls.)
    Anything Mariana's Trench.

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    quitejaded Guest
    Every black eyed peas CD with Fergie!!

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    Mine right now has:

    Single Ladies - Beyonce
    3 - B Spears
    Candy Shop - 50 Cent
    Hey Baby - No Doubt
    Bad Touch - The Bloodhound Gang
    Bad Girlfriend - Theory of a Deadman
    Wait a Minute - PCD
    Buttons - PCD
    No Class - Mickey Avalon
    Jane Fonda - Mickey Avalon
    Lapdance - NERD
    Hella Good - No Doubt
    Underneath it all - No Doubt
    I'm Just A Girl - No Doubt
    NOTORIOUS - Biggie
    Here It Goes Again - Ok Go
    Hey Ya - Outkast
    So What - Pink
    When I Grow Up - PCD
    Livin The Dream (I'm On A Float) - Super Mash Bros
    Sabotage - Beastie Boys
    Single Again - Trina, Lil Wayne
    Azteca - Benny Benassi
    I love my sex - Benny Benassi
    Sexy Bitch - Akon ft David Guetta
    I'm In Love With Myself - David Guetta ft. Benny Benassi

    That's my one right now! Usually there's a lot more Kanye West and hip hop and stuff. This one was kind of lazily thrown together but I've been enjoying it.
    I always tell the girls never take it seriously. If you never take it seriously then you never get hurt. If you never get hurt then you always have fun, and if you ever get lonely you can just go to the record store and visit your friends. - Almost Famous

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    My running playlist currently:

    In for the Kill- La Roux
    Bulletproof- La Roux
    Sunday Bloody Sunday- U2
    Kiss With a Fist- Florence & the Machine
    Somebody Told Me- The Killers
    Working with Fire and Steel- China Crisis
    Waiting for the Siren's Call- New Order
    Heads Will Roll- Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    When You Were Young- The Killers
    Don't Slow Down- Matt & Kim
    How Do You?- Radiohead
    Little Secrets- Passion Pit
    Take Me Out- Franz Ferdinand
    ad astra per aspera

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    Skye Sweetnam's album, Noise From The Basement. Especially "Sharada", "Tangled Up In Me", & "Billy S"
    & the cares of tomorrow can wait 'til this day is done.

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    saradarling Guest
    anything by milkman makes me wanna dance/get moving


    check it out!!

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    A bunch of random artists such as lady gaga, katy perry, vengaboys (lol), glee cast, S club 7, Backstreet boys, cobra starship, Haddaway and I'm adding more, haha.
    The road to perfection is always under construction.


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