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  1. Idioteque
    I am determined to get Skype to work!
  2. Sancho
    Damn, I forgot about the Friday chat.
  3. MonitorMeisha
    Mine works. I tested it yesterday. So when is teh next chat? I really want to try it.
  4. Balloons
    Whoo Skype! <3
    Next chat..I'm there.
  5. Sancho
    When is the next chat?
  6. loveable
    hey guys! i'm busy this week/next week but the next chat will be on friday 3pm EST/20:00 GMT. i might have to go though, but before i do, i'll make sure to add all of you in the voice convo!
  7. MonitorMeisha
    Okeh I think I might be able to just make it.
  8. loveable
    awesome. oh and if anyone has any suggestions for a time & date, feel free to post.
    and if you don't think you'll be able to make it please let us know here so we won't have what happened last chat hah..
  9. MonitorMeisha
    Actually I realize I won't be able to make it. Sorry guys but I have a lot planned for today and no time to get online later.

    I'll have to wait until next week.
  10. loveable
    sorry guys! i got home alot later than expected.. i had to makeup a test and do some other stuff at school. blah i'm so sorry. did anyone show up?
    oh and meisha & ._je ne sais quoi_. , can you let me know your username?
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