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I want my brain back.

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I was told at one point to listen to my heart. Seriously, it was the dumbest advice I think I've ever followed. I'm not going to lie, before I started listening to my heart I was pretty darn single. Now I'm a naive crybaby who believes in bull****. I feel as if I am maturing in reverse, l used to spot dumbasses from a mile away, and now I'm dating one. My heart has daddy issues, which are never sexy. I used to be able to hold an intelligent conversation, now I feel like I sound like a dumbass. WTF am I doing? I'm a free bird, I'm stubborn, I'm wild, I can't be tamed! Some dumb boy can't tame me! I'm sarcastic and sinister and a cold-hearted bitch, wtf am I trying to love for? I can't do this... the world is my oyster, I can't be tied down.

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  1. LittleOldMe<3's Avatar
    Okay, you really should listen to your heart. I don't know how old you are but you shouldn't use that language! I'm sure you will somehow move on with your life. All people blog about on this site is depressing crap! So, write about somehing happy and move on! I am not trying to be mean but you really have too. You will not grow up to be happy or a plesant person to be around....

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