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My thoughts on love.

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by on December 24, 2011 at 08:04 PM (129995 Views)
So why are people my age so obsessed with being in long term relationships? I went to high school with this girl who just got married last week, to some guy that she was probably dating for about a year or so. And if you're in love, fine, but we're 18?!? I see people who go through EVERYTHING to stay with someone, but why? We are young with few responsibilities, not married couples.

I can also say that I've been guilty with this "let's grow up too quickly" thing. The other day, I asked my bf if the size of his nose was a recessive trait, because if we have kids someday I don't want them having large noses. Why am I even having this convo, I don't plan to pop out any kids for about ten years! I should be talking about the football game or parties....

I've realized that I'm 18, and I have very few responsibilities. Why am I "about to settle down" with someone??? I should be out, meeting new guys and having fun, and not acting like I'm practically married. Not saying I want to have tons of careless sex, but there are more important things I should focus on, like school, my dreams, etc. I have plenty of time to be consumed with a SO, kids, etc., it's time for me to be self-centered.

That is all.

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  1. yogita's Avatar
    your blog is just superb
  2. PaperPlanes's Avatar
    I read this and the whole time I was thinking, oh my goodness she is right. Yet, i was thinking of it in a different light. you see I'm fifteen and everyone my age is saying how much they love someone. I have done the same thing, but when I tried to move on from Anthony the guy i was dating told me he loved me within a week of dating. I felt...trapped, lied to, set up. I don't know I was lost. Yet, I don't understand why so many children say things like that when they haven't been dating long enough to know what they feel.

    I think that perhaps with the growing rate of divorce these days children like myself are deperate to find someone that will stay with them forever. That's just what i think.

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