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Oh. Teenage love

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by on December 12, 2010 at 11:24 AM (7377 Views)
I havent been able to grab the concept of teenage love/boyfriends/girlfriends. I mean honestly think about it you know your not going to marry this person..so why would you want to date someone end up falling for them to come to conclusion its not going to work and then you have to go through that pain of moving on..Yes the feeling is amazing and the experience is lessons that you learn and use in your future. But the constant pain and hurt that comes after isnt worth it.

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  1. molls_7's Avatar
    Its worth it because yes their's pain and theirs fear, but they make the good parts of it so worth it when it does work. Chances are you won't marry the person, but I'd rather be happy with someone for a little bit of time and then find the "one", rather than avoid all the happiness until I meet "the one". And besides, without this experience, you may not know you have the "one" when you have them.
  2. Jenni26's Avatar
    i'd say it's worth it cuz you know we'll learn from everything and be more mature about this things.

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