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The One Who Flirts First

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"To me, there is no greater act of courage than being the one who kisses first.
-Janeane Garofalo

She's right, of course. But sometimes, it can feel crazy-risky to even flirt first, when it comes to a guy you really like.

You know what I'm talking about... you like him, you're sort of friends, you talk when you see each other, but you've never really been in a one-on-one situation and definitely not outside of school.

Then you catch a glimpse of him pulling off his shirt on a hot day, or he smiles a certain way in a certain moment, or you hear through the grapevine that he broke up with his long-time girlfriend, and suddenly, there you are, with a crush on a guy you'd only ever thought of (okay, mostly) as a friend.

So do you flirt? If you're me, you're of two minds. One the one hand, flirting might seem a little dangerous, especially since there's the risk he will get what you're up to, but won't flirt/like you back.

But then there's the possibility that he will take you up on your flirting, and flirt back with you, and then at the very least you'll be having fun flirting, and at the most you'll be, maybe, on your way to something more.

But in that moment when you first see him far away down the hall, and during that long walk toward him, when you're both locked onto each other's eyes and giving a friendly smile, it's torture.... and it's awesome... arg.

Amazing how one guy can make a girl so flipped out!

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  1. JustMe:]'s Avatar
    I know, guys are so confusing -___- Usually I just flirt without even realizing it. Hehe. :P It's like a natural reaction for me :P But yeah, I'm sometimes unsure if I should make the first move or not. :/

  2. summergirl's Avatar
    lol that is totally like me flirting with out even realizing it, but i geuss i do too have trouble making the first move sometimes . its always good to start with subtle hints.

    lol my favourite >>>> wow im so addicted to this lip balm (burts bees) hhaha than i was trying to put it on his face to make it sticky

    worked like a charm but at the time i really wasn't trying it just happened naturally
    i think if you plan to flirt that just makes it that much harder you just have to let it happen. lol its hard to explain and i've typed way too much :P - summergirl <3

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