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My erm... Journey?!? Part 1

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So after breaking up with my last bf, I decided that I wanted to be single until I turn 16, which is on November 16. I just realized that I shouldn't just get with a guy just because he's paying me attention, and that guys shouldn't rule my life. Seriously, most of my female friends are obsessed with boys, or with one particular boy, and it's not wrong, but having your life revolve around boy(s) isn't necessarily right either. Also, I've decided that I'm not going to go find some random guy to start dating as soon as I turn 16. I'm trying to teach myself a lesson that I can not have a boyfriend and still function in life. This started about a month ago, but I decided to blog about it, maybe inspiring others to enjoy solitude. One thing I have noticed so far is that all of the "attention" that I used to get is now annoying and the guys that I used to pry for attention are dumb and lack depth. And most people may not realize this, but I actually like guys with depth and can talk about something other than sports or sex, like politics or entertainment, the future, just something! It made me realize that I also act like I lack depth, and that I'm just some airhead that lacks class too. So I want to gain some class, and become actually dateable. This won't be easy, but hey, I like a challenge.

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  1. HarryPotterFan's Avatar
    I learned that the hard way. What I mean is, all I wanted since I was 12 was to have a boyfriend, and I never had one. Then I went to an all girls high school and still no boyfriend, of course. But at school I realized the value of spending time with friends and it got me over that. I have little faith that I could find a teenage boy with "depth" but it doesn't bother me. And it doesn't bother me that I probably won't end up dating until college.

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