My Jelly Bean


  1. December 28th. The Beginning. *ominous music*

    Food I have eaten.

    -Three beef and cheese tacos + Coke.
    ^Protein + Carbs.

    -Egg biscuit. (Whole grain biscuit, 1 egg, 1 slice American Cheese.) + Hot Chocolate.
    ^Protein + Carbs+ Sugars.


    -Like 5 or 6 Nestle Nugget Truffle things. = Sugars.

    Since I haven't even been awake for 12 hours, that's a lot. I have to get used to eating crap like that all the time now I guess though.
  2. So this will get annoying.

    I have just found out JB even HAD Blogs. But since we do, maybe I'll use it. I'm on here enough...

    Anyways. On Wednsday I was diagnosed with Hypoglycemia, and I was told my Anemia has gotten worse. I was prescribed new Birth Control pills that actually have Iron in them, to replace what I lose. And I take multivitamins with Iron in them.

    Aside from that, my Doctor told me I need to start eating breakfast, and I need to start trying to eat every 3 hours. I'm supposed ...

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