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  1. The Ex Factor

    by on September 5, 2008 at 08:17 AM (Jellybean's Blog)
    Has anyone ever dated someone whose ex always seems to be around, trying to mess with your relationship? I certainly have - and it's the most annoying, maddening situation. Even the most confident girl would be bugged by this.

    I've been in one relationship where the guy's ex was a threat, and one where she wasn't. Here is how I dealt with both.

    With one guy, his ex was not only gorgeous and flirty, she clearly regretted dumping him and wanted him back. She went after ...
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  2. Bad Boyfriend Clues

    by on September 2, 2008 at 10:11 AM (Jellybean's Blog)
    Sometimes, at the end of a dramatic relationship with a guy, a girl asks herself, how did I get into this mess? Couldn't I have seen this coming? Should I have noticed clues that this guy was going to end up being a jerk / treating me badly / messing around with someone else? Was it all in there from the beginning?

    No and yes. Some guys - especially players - are great at acting like perfect gentlemen at first, then bringing on the drama once you're stuck on them. But sometimes a ...
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  3. Random Romance

    I am a total romantic. I adore getting flowers, being serenaded, surprise gifts, the works. In my experience, a lot of nice guys are not naturally "that type" of romantic. Sure, there are romantic guys out there - but many of them are great at romance just because they've honed their skills "romancing" a million girls - some of whom they might be dating at the same time they are seeing you.

    So I've learned that in the case of really nice guys, who aren't necessarily ...
    Love & Related Matters
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