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  1. Bronzing 411

    They other day, I had the chance to get some makeup tips from a professional beauty editor, and her 411 on bronzing was amazing!

    As a naturally fair-skinned girl, I'm always looking for that perfect product to make my skin look sun-kissed in the summer, without looking really fake or weird. Even the best self-tanners sometimes look odd on me, and recently I've been trying out bronzing powders, with mixed success.

    I thought it was all about finding the perfect brand, ...
  2. The One Who Flirts First

    "To me, there is no greater act of courage than being the one who kisses first.
    -Janeane Garofalo

    She's right, of course. But sometimes, it can feel crazy-risky to even flirt first, when it comes to a guy you really like.

    You know what I'm talking about... you like him, you're sort of friends, you talk when you see each other, but you've never really been in a one-on-one situation and definitely not outside of school.

    Then you catch a glimpse ...
    Love & Related Matters
  3. Top 5 from Exercise

    Hello, my name is Jellybean and I am addicted to exercise! Haha. Okay, full disclosure...

    ...I don't love getting my butt off my chair and dragging my lazy self to the gym.

    ...I don't love getting changed in the always-cold, icky-floored changeroom.

    ...I don't always love the start of my workout.

    But... by the time I'm done, I always feel so great, and proud of myself for making me go!

    The best part is, now that I've been ...
  4. The name game

    I've had the weirdest day, and it's not even 4 o clock.

    Since I went out first thing this morning, I have met two different guys - both with the same first name, both very similar looking (same type of hair and build) - who are totally cute.

    The craziest thing is, I also have a guy friend with the same name, who also looks a lot the same as these two guys.

    Is the universe trying to tell me something?

    Did these guys moms just have a premonition ...
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  5. Siggy fun

    From time to time when browsing these and other forums, I notice Latin signatures, and I'm usually curious enough to Google the Latin and find out what it means in English. Some are funny, some are profound. For some reason, I find them intriguing.

    Anyway, I was playing around on my computer today, and wound up on a quotes site where I found some Latin phrases that might make good sigs for anyone in the market. Here's what I found that I liked - see what you think!

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