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How to Grow Out Your Bangs (and Look Good)

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grow your bangs into a new hair styleGetting bangs seemed like a great idea... until it didn't. If you're tired of having bangs and want to grow them out, follow these tips to look cute while you grow your hair into a new style.


Keep Trimming

To keep your hair looking decent as you grow out your bangs, you absolutely must get trims. If your bangs are thick and blunt, ask your hairstylist to start trimming them at an angle once they're long enough to hang in your eyes. If they're already side-swept, let the outer corners grow while snipping slightly at the middle.

Each time you get a cut (which should be every 6 weeks or so), have the hair all around your face angled a bit, to meet the growing bangs. This will help you grow bangs into natural-looking layers, that blend with your hairstyle in much less time.

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