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Astro You: Gemini - Love Life

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Geminis are huge flirts and they love playing around with love. They are a lot of fun in a relationship because they want a partner who's as curious as they are, so they can have lots of adventures together. Gemini folks are also highly social people who love showing off their romantic partner at parties.


Geminis take a fairly intellectual approach to love, though. They will logically weigh the pros and cons of staying with a particular partner. This isn't cold, it's just that the Gemini wants to be sure they connect intellectually to their romantic interest before they will commit. It's also important to Geminis that their friends be impressed with their romantic partners.

Geminis can be somewhat fickle and they tend to fall in and out of love fairly quickly, so they're not a good match for anyone who needs a lot of security. But once they make a commitment, they make a wonderful and loving partner.

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