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Pisces Yearly Horoscope for 2014

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 pisces yearly horoscope for 2013PISCES YEAR-AHEAD HOROSCOPE FOR 2014

What to Expect

Turn and face the change, Pisces. Starting in late spring, something's going on with your surroundings. This could be a move to new digs, but it could also be as simple as a makeover of your bedroom. Or maybe you'll swap rooms with somebody on the premises. Either way, this change is just an outward reflection of the inward changes also taking place. By summer, the sense of Groundhog Day repetition that you've been feeling for some time now will come to an end. Finally! You can break free of old patterns in this phase and forge new ground. Your faith in other people will also get a boost as someone comes through for you in a major way in the fall. And it's not someone you would normally expect to take your side, either. This is a nice change of pace so enjoy it and learn from it, Pisces.


Love and Relationships

You'll find a greater sense of meaning in love relationships this year. What has once been stormy will seem easier this year, as you and a certain someone figure out how to relate to each other in a more constructive way. It's not always about being right - sometimes it's more about figuring out the right way to make each other feel valued. If you're single, you could get up to naughty business starting in June. Just be careful if you can't be good, as you're prone to major life changes this year, and you might not be fully prepared to take some of them on. Love shines for you in December, when you're way more mushy than usual. Aww!

Goals and Money

You're not the most ambitious this year, Pisces, and that's okay. You're still growing into the next phase of your life and figuring out where you want to put your energies. The period after your birthday this year will be an intense time of reflecting on your goals and desires, but it's likely that you won't act on these thoughts meaningfully until the spring of 2015. One warning, Pisces: If you get a new job this year, or volunteer for a charitable cause, don't flake off. You'd be surprised how connected the boss is to other people you may someday wish to impress, so it's not a good connection to burn.

What to Watch Out For

You learned a lot in 2013 about what other people find important. You may have clashed with someone who forced their issues or beliefs on you. You need to stand up against that kind of pushy person this year. If that means moving away from a group that might not be the healthiest for you socially, then make it happen. You won't be lonely for long. It's better to be a bit bored on the weekends than be stuck with people who don't vibrate on your frequency, or whose extra-curricular activities could lead you down the wrong path.

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